“I didn’t think he was going to kill my family,” Incognito said. “I knew it was coming from a brother, I knew it was coming a friend, I knew it was coming from a teammate. That just puts in context how we communicate with one another.”

In a move that hints this issue could end up in a courtroom, Incognito refused to answer whether he was ordered by a Dolphins coach to “toughen up” Martin.

“He said, ‘I can’t talk about that. There are still legal issues here,’ ” Glazer said.

Incognito, who was suspended by the Dolphins for conduct detrimental to the team, is in Los Angeles. So is Martin, who is away from the team on a “non-football illness.”

Incognito is a friend of Glazer’s from their days a few years ago when Glazer gave Incognito off-season mixed martial arts (MMA) training.

Incognito confirmed he left that vulgar voicemail on Martin’s phone, the one in which he used the “n-word” and said other nasty things.

Incognito said he’s “embarrassed” when he sees the text of that message. He said it’s “vulgar. It’s not right.”

But Incognito also said, “I’m not a racist.”

And he added, “In no way, shape, or form is it acceptable for me to use that word.”

Incognito said if he knew he was being hurtful toward Martin or his family he’d apologize. He also said if Martin was there in the room he’d give him a “big hug.”

Incognito, voted by teammates to the Dolphins’ six-player Leadership Council, said he was disappointed he didn’t see signs of a problem with Martin.

“As the leader, as his best friend on the team, that’s what has me miffed, how I missed this,” Incognito said. “I never saw it. I never saw it coming.”