Among the NFL's eight new coaches, few will get a free pass at QB

"I don't think anybody's inventing anything new," Kelly said. "It's a very cyclical game. A lot of things that are being done with the Wildcat formation was the single-wing formation run way back when. Dick Kazmaier won the Heisman Trophy at Princeton running the single-wing offense. He would have been a good zone-read quarterback."

What's more, Kelly doesn't expect NFL coaches to be caught flat-footed by whatever wrinkles he does fold into his scheme.

"We don't run some magical offense or defense," he said. "You're talking about the best coaches in the world at this level. They see everything that we've done at the college level, and everything we'll do, they've seen before."

Kelly said he's talked to quarterback Nick Foles on the phone to check in on him, and he's seen Vick around the facility, but the collective bargaining agreement precludes coaches from even talking football with players at this time of year.

The coach said it's his job to adapt the offense to whichever quarterback wins the job.

"If you've got a good coaching staff, that's what you do," he said. "The best example in the NFL is [Denver Coach] John Fox. A year ago, he had Tim Tebow and went to the playoffs. Now, he has Peyton Manning and runs an entirely different offense, and went to the playoffs. When you're good, you adapt to who you have."

The way Kelly sees it, that means zeroing in on one quarterback rather than simultaneously bringing along two who might have different skill sets, such as Vick and the less mobile Foles.

"I've never been a two-quarterback guy," Kelly said. "When we were at Oregon, it was always distinct that one guy was the guy. He separated himself. "

Kelly has never coached in the NFL before, although he has had opportunities, including when Tom Coughlin tried to add him to his New York Giants staff in 2006.

In the AFC, each division has one coach who has never been an NFL head coach. That's the Browns' Chudzinski in the North, the Jaguars' Bradley in the South, the Bills' Marrone in the East and the Chargers' McCoy in the West.

Although he has never been a permanent head coach in the NFL, Arians was named the league's coach of the year last season after leading the left-for-dead Colts to the playoffs as an interim.

Asked how quickly he'd like a starter to emerge in Arizona, Arians had a simple answer: