Steelers allowing foes the run of the place

As for the Cowboys, everybody's waiting for them to go off the rails.

Looking average

Tennessee's Chris Johnson finally "busted loose" against Houston last Sunday with 141 yards in 25 carries. But most of those runs came in the second half, when the Texans were up by three touchdowns on their way to a 38-14 rout.

That's not busting loose. Johnson might have a big game every so often, but he's closer to the back who gained four, 17 and 24 yards rushing in his first three games at 1.4 yards per pop.

Just missed him

Every team can point to draft regrets, and Seattle is no different. The Seahawks had the 25th pick in 2011 and needed a quarterback to replace Matt Hasselbeck. There was one projected first-round quarterback on the board when they selected — and the Seahawks liked him — but instead they went with Alabama tackle James Carpenter, a surprise at the time.

Texas Christian's Andy Dalton wound up going to Cincinnati as the third pick of the second round. Through four weeks Dalton has a 103.0 passer rating, 29.5 points higher than Seattle's Russell Wilson.

Grab the remote

Wonder whether the parents of punters hate the Red Zone Channel? The only time they get to see their son is when he's trying to make a tackle.