Dan Pompei's NFL power rankings

21. Bengals (22): They have lost four straight, which is what happens when your quarterback is too nice a guy.

22. Eagles (19): The wheels are off this wagon, and Andy Reid can't figure out how to put them back on.

23. Rams (24): Five of their last eight are on the road, and so far the Rams are 0-4 in games played outside of St. Louis.

24. Jets (26): A subpar ground attack and a subpar run defense is a bad combination.

25. Bills (25): They have been outscored in the fourth quarter 90-28.

26. Panthers (30): Nothing motivates better than desperation, and this is a desperate team.

27. Redskins (18): Let's be honest — the Redskins have been playing for next year ever since they drafted RGIII.

28. Raiders (28): The Raiders are inconsistent and Darren McFadden is banged up. Ever hear that one before?

29. Browns (29): Brandon Weeden struggled Sunday, but the Browns have to figure out if he is their guy.

30. Titans (27): Aside from offense, defense and special teams, the Titans didn't look like a bad team Sunday.

31. Chiefs (31): In eight games, they have not led their opponent during regulation once. You think Todd Haley is licking his chops?

32. Jaguars (32): If Mike Mularkey thinks intensity is down on the field, he should see what it's like in the stands at EverBank Field.