Pompei's NFL power rankings

21. Chargers (16): They have lost three straight and are starting to look for scapegoats.

22. Bengals (22): Three straight losses have the Bengals reeling, but they can't be counted out just yet.

23. Saints (17): Steve Spagnuolo would like a magic wand. Or a pass rush. Or some run defense. Or some decent coverage.

24. Rams (23): They can blame what happened Sunday on the fish and chips. Or on Tom Brady.

25. Bills (26): Maybe they had time during their off week to fix some of the leaks in their defense.

26. Jets (24): Rex Ryan barely is recognizable without being cocky. But he has little to be cocky about these days.

27. Titans (25): Mike Munchak says Jake Locker is not "a long ways away." The Titans, however, may be.

28. Raiders (28): Don't look now but the Raiders have won two straight. Never mind that the teams they beat were the Jaguars and Chiefs.

29. Browns (30): Trent Richardson and stingy defense are a pretty decent combination.

30. Panthers: (29): They may be one of those teams that will play tough almost every week but find a way to lose the game.

31. Chiefs (31): This team could use a shake-up. Is trading Dwayne Bowe the answer?

32. Jaguars (32): The Jaguars are feisty, but they need playmakers to step up.