Cutler, Romo not exactly mirror images

But Cutler can make an impossible throw better than Romo. No quarterback can squeeze a pass into a ridiculously tight spot better than Cutler. The fact that he knows it sometimes can work to his detriment, however.

Perceived similarity: Both are about to be paid like elite quarterbacks.

The contracts of both players expire after the 2013 season.

Difference: It is pretty much a foregone conclusion that Romo is going to get his money. Cowboys management has made that clear, and it wouldn't be surprising if Romo signed a new deal at any time.

"Tony is our quarterback for the foreseeable future," Jones said.

It appears the Bears still are trying to determine Cutler's value to the team.

Perceived similarity: Each has one of the most high-profile jobs in the NFL, given the team each plays for.

Difference: Romo may always be in the shadows of former Cowboys Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach. Cutler, meanwhile, has a chance to become the greatest Bears quarterback since Sid Luckman.

Perceived similarity: The leadership of both players has been questioned, and both have been called aloof at times.

Difference: Romo is more of a quiet, humble, leader by example. Cutler can be a very vocal, forceful leader.

Cutler is not always sensitive to people he works with. Romo is known for his collegiality and appears to be respected by all corners of the Cowboys locker room.

The world will see just how similar, and dissimilar, these quarterbacks can be Monday at Cowboys Stadium.

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