Tipped off

1. What was missing from Derek Jeter's All-Star tribute video?
Leonor Vivanco: A montage of Derek Jeter's famous girlfriends. At least Minka Kelly.
Katie Gibson: The "S."
Soxman: I was told A-Rod putting down the needle and tipping his cap didn't make the cut.
Mick Swasko: Needed more explosions.
Ernest Wilkins: The thousands of women he's made love to over the years tipping their caps?
2. How did Derrick Rose celebrate his Team USA selection?
Leonor Vivanco: By designing an Adidas shoe just for Team USA.
Katie Gibson: Well I hope not by jumping up and down.
Soxman: He went to dinner with Carmelo Anthony.
Mick Swasko: Very, very carefully.
Ernest Wilkins: By dunking. And then playing a full season and then winning the NBA title. NO YOU CALM DOWN.
3. The College Football Playoff has a trophy now. You like?
Leonor Vivanco: It's bleeping golden! But it's no Stanley Cup.
Katie Gibson: It looks like a giant ... never mind.
Soxman: It's OK but the greatest trophy in college is a diploma, don't you agree?
Mick Swasko: 3/10, cannot drink out of it.
Ernest Wilkins: Does it say the FLORIDA STATE SEMINOLES on it? If not, nah.
4. Drake will have success hosting the ESPYs if he ...
Leonor Vivanco: ... brings Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj or Rihanna on stage. Please! YOLO!
Katie Gibson: ... doesn't show up.
Soxman: ... shows Fear and has a Free Spirit he could make Headlines (Drake fans will get it).
Mick Swasko: ... forgets to show up.
Ernest Wilkins: ... just does his thing. Drake is funny.
5. Who is Tadija Dragicevic?
Leonor Vivanco: Huh? Sounds like a fake spy name. Is this a real person?
Katie Gibson: To be honest? Brain thought tennis. Looks lovaBULL though!
Soxman: I'm guessing a relative of the mother of dragons on "Game of Thrones"?
Mick Swasko: The Father of Dragons?
Ernest Wilkins: A tennis player! Wait, an '80s wrestler! Wait, the former premier of Belarus?
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