Rough it

1. How tired would you be after one weekend of Bears training camp?
Sean Ely: I would look like Ron Burgundy walking the streets with a carton of milk yelling, ''It's so damn hot!''
Pete McMurray: All that walking around in football pads and shorts is rough stuff. C'mon, let's hit somebody!
Ernest Wilkins: Hell, I'm tired now and all I'm doing is typing these answers.
Elliott Serrano: I'm already tired of the media coverage. Wake me up when the season starts.
Sarah Spain: As tired as a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest.
2. If you were Marc Trestman, how would you settle training camp disputes?
Sean Ely: Bottle of whiskey and two sets of boxing gloves. Go!
Pete McMurray: I would give them Algebra questions and then grade their papers afterward. He's a teacher in the offseason, right?
Ernest Wilkins: Thunderdome? Is that a thing? Let's go with Thunderdome.
Elliott Serrano: Fight Club. Which I'm sure they do since they don't talk about it.
Sarah Spain: Pillow fight.
3. The White Sox can catch the Tigers if they ...
Sean Ely: Yeah, OK. Dream big there, writer of this question. Tigers are World Series bound.
Pete McMurray: ... had one wish from a fairy godmother in a land far, far away. Where people eat churros and hail King Jimbo.
Ernest Wilkins: ... catch them by their toes. Be careful: If they holler, you have to let them go.
Elliott Serrano: ...catch them by a toe. Eeenie, meanie, miney, moe ...
Sarah Spain: ... win enough games to finish with a better record.
4. Who will be the next Chicago ballplayer elected to the Hall of Fame?
Sean Ely: John Domanico. Kid's future is set in stone. Farm system is sculpting one hell of a pitcher.
Pete McMurray: Larry Biittner - discuss.
Ernest Wilkins: Hopefully local rapper Serengeti. Go watch the "Dennehy" video if you doubt me.
Elliott Serrano: The one that will lead the Cubs to the World Series, and they haven't been born yet.
Sarah Spain: If it were up to me, Benny The Bull.
5. A.J. Pierzynski signed with the Cardinals. Thoughts?
Sean Ely: That's a thing you can do. Neat. Riveting. Really exciting. Sarcasm is neat, too.
Pete McMurray: Just another reason for Cub fans to hate the Cardinals
Ernest Wilkins: Let's hope he gets his punch revenge against the Cubs! #NeverForget
Elliott Serrano: They must have been running low on their d-bag quota.
Sarah Spain: I try not to think about either of those things.
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