Bryant time

1. What does Jay Cutler say to a receiver who drops a pass in training camp?
Matt Pais: As the expression goes, whipping a ball in someone's face is worth a thousand words.
Jay St. Pierre: Nothing, considering they probably don't say anything when he throws an interception.
Jane Monzures: He screams, "Butterfingers!" and then laughs at his own joke. True story.
Bryant McFadden (120 Sports analyst, @Bmac_120): "You serious?"
Evil Super Computer: "Guess who's now on diaper duty tonight." *flashes evil grin*
2. The Ball Up Streetball Tour is in Chicago this weekend. You gonna try out?
Matt Pais: Oh, man, if not for Lolla I'd totally dominate. This is a 5-9 and under league, right?
Jay St. Pierre: Not knowing anything about this Streetball Tour, I'm hoping it's a wallball tourney. I would kill that!
Jane Monzures: No, I'll be all Balled out at Lollapalooza!
Bryant McFadden (120 Sports analyst, @Bmac_120): Next year.
Evil Super Computer: Please. As if any human could compete with this vision of technological perfection.
3. The MLB trade deadline is here. Who should be most worried?
Matt Pais: GMs, baseball card owners and Kevin Love, who at this point assumes all trade rumors pertain to him.
Jay St. Pierre: Everyone who plays for the Cubs considering the entire roster is full of tradable "prospects."
Jane Monzures: Any player whose ball of gum on the locker room floor stuck to the GM's all-leather oxfords.
Bryant McFadden (120 Sports analyst, @Bmac_120): The Red Sox.
Evil Super Computer: All of you. The machines will rule the Earth! MWAHAHAHAHA!
4. LeBron James stripping off his clothes to give to fans is like ...
Matt Pais: ... needlessly involving a third party for eBay items. Shout out to "The 40-Year-Old Virgin."
Jay St. Pierre: ... any other high-quality stripper. Kind of toned and a little sweaty.
Jane Monzures: ...the NBA version of Magic Mike!
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