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  • Pictures: Alligators in Florida

    Pictures: Alligators in Florida

  • A record run: No fatal gator attack in 5 years

    A record run: No fatal gator attack in 5 years

    Fleeing the police, a suspected car burglar named Justo Padron ran from the parking lot of the Miccosukee casino in western Miami-Dade County and jumped into an adjacent pond. A nine-foot alligator seized him, and his death in 2007 marked the last time anyone in Florida has been killed by one of...

  • Beware: Alligator safety tips

    Stay out of the way! Never allow small children or pets near water by themselves. Do not allow pets to swim, exercise or drink from lakes or canals that may contain alligators. Dogs are highly susceptible to attack since they resemble the natural prey of alligators. Do not swim outside of posted...

  • Alligators from far and wide

    Alligators from far and wide

    They're mean, they're green... they're gators. Actually, alligators are more black than green, but these huge reptiles do pack a powerful punch. Although their numbers were dwindling a few years ago, they have come back with a vengence in recent years.

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