Superstorm Sandy, state by state

-- Two people have died in Maryland because of Sandy, according to an emergency management official. A falling tree hit a house, killing a man inside. A car accident blamed on the storm accounted for the other death.

-- Raw sewage is leaking rapidly from a plant in Howard County, emergency management spokeswoman Karen Spicer said. About 2 million gallons of sewage per hour are pouring out of the Little Patuxent Water Reclamation Plant as a result of a power outage.

-- Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. said 191,998 customers were without power.

-- A state of emergency remains in effect, according to Maryland's Emergency Management Agency.

-- More than two feet of snow has fallen in Western Maryland, forecasters say.


-- State employees will be going to work Tuesday, according to the government's website. But the state moved the start of the office day back to 10 a.m.

-- A count from utilities said 323,366 customers were without power.

-- The Bay State's emergency agency warned residents of continuing dangerous winds into Tuesday, which could cause power outages, and reminded them that coastal flooding was expected overnight.

-- Hoping to avoid the kind of criticism utilities received after last year's Hurricane Irene and other storms, Gov. Deval Patrick said utilities plan to pair tree removal and power restoration crews, rather than having them work separately, so that work can be done more efficiently.


-- New Hampshire's power suppliers reported there were 236,831 customers without electricity.

-- Gov. John Lynch urged drivers to stay off the state's roads.

-- The governor asked the National Guard to place 100 troops on active duty, with 100 more on standby.


-- Emergency workers saw widespread damage on every New Jersey rail line.

-- A tidal surge stranded massive rail cars on the New Jersey Turnpike.

-- There are houses in the middle of Route 35. The amusement pier at Seaside Park is half washed out, and amusement park rides are now in the ocean.

-- Sandy has killed at least three in the Garden State.

-- Two people in Morris County died Monday evening when a tree fell on their car, authorities said. A male of unknown age was also killed in Hawthorne when a tree fell on a house, according to Hawthorne Fire Chief Joseph Speranza.