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Behind The Forecast For Potential Tuesday Morning Snow

Behind The Forecast For Potential Tuesday Morning Snow

December 16, 2012

It’s going to be a close call on snow this week with key indicators showing us right on the line.  If we get any snow, expect it to be a wet snow.  It will be the type of flakes that fall straight down to the ground and quickly melt.  Here is a look at the latest snow numbers and indicators.

  • Warm December Won't Be One for the Record Books

    December 15, 2012

    As warm as it has been to start this December, it’s been warmer.  You probably don’t remember a warmer December since you'd have to be over one hundred years old to have seen the last one, but it's happened.  Through December 14th we are running 10.5 degrees warmer than average for the month with an average daily temperature of 44.5.  This puts us at number three on the warmest December month’s list.  Topping off the list of warmest December months is 1889 when Indianapolis averaged 46.2 degrees.  We have no chance of breaking that record this year.  With another cold stretch expected at the end of next week we will likely be well shy of the second warmest December on record as well.  That occurred in 1877 when temperatures averaged 45.5 degrees for the month.  This will likely be the warmest December since 1994 when we averaged 38.9 degrees.  It’s too early to tell if we will stay as the third warmest or drop back into the pack of warmest Decembers.  My best guess is that we will finish somewhere around the top five warmest Decembers with temperatures the rest of the month closer to the average for this time of the year. 

  • Here's What To Expect With Rain This Weekend

    December 8, 2012

    Let’s get you up to date on a quick timeline of the weather this weekend.  If you have outdoor plans there is plenty of good news for you as there will be long periods of little to no rain.  Temperatures will also be all over the place this weekend as a series of fronts are expected to pass by.

  • Here is a Rundown of Rain Chances For Weekend

    December 8, 2012

    Let’s get you up to date on a quick timeline of the weather this weekend.  If you have outdoor plans there is plenty of good news for you as there will be long periods of little to no rain.  Temperatures will also be all over the place this weekend as a series of fronts are expected to pass by.

  • Secondary Blast of Cold Air Will Keep Temps Down Today

    December 5, 2012

    A secondary blast of cold air will arrive this morning dropping high temperatures into the mid-40s.  By tomorrow we will be looking at our morning lows falling to the mid-twenties.  The cold air won’t stick around too long as southerly winds will begin to warm things up on Friday.  Rain chances will also return to your forecast along with the arrival of those warmer temperatures.

  • Unusual December Heat

    December 1, 2012

    Just did some quick research on just how rare this type of a warm-up is here in Indianapolis.  We are expecting to see temperatures at or above 60 degrees over the next 3 days.  There will also be a small chance of us hitting 70 degrees on Monday with models trending warmer as we get closer to the day.  If we were to hit 70 degrees on Monday it would be the first time in over a decade the city would have seen temperatures that warm in December.  NWS records show December 5th 2001 was the last time Indianapolis has seen temperatures in the 70s in December. 

  • Rain chances return on Sunday

    November 29, 2012

    Expect another gorgeous day today, with clear skies during the afternoon.  Temperatures will continue to tick upwards with winds out of the south through the day.  Highs are expected to hit 50 today.  That would be seven degrees warmer than yesterday’s high.  We will continue to warm up from there with highs in the mid-50s for Friday and near 60 for Saturday.

  • Just a chance for rain this weekend

    November 28, 2012

    The weather will be all quite today with near normal temperatures.  Starting tomorrow we will see a surge of warmer air move into the state.  Highs should return to the 50s for tomorrow.  The warm-up will continue into the weekend with Sunday highs hitting the mid-60s!  There will be a chance for rain on Friday for northern parts of the state.  There will also be an isolated chance for rain on Sunday and Monday with mostly cloudy skies.  The big rain will come on Tuesday morning next week with temperatures going down all day long on Wednesday with a chance for some minor snow accumulations. 

  • Winter Weather Season Starts Off Slow Once Again

    November 25, 2012

    As a meteorologist, I always enjoy reading the yearly winter forecast and discussions many of my peers put out each and every year.  While at times it seems like if you’ve read one you’ve read them all, there is generally at least one great stat or observation in each post and I would advise you to read as many as you possibly can if you enjoy reading long range forecast.  With November almost over, I wanted to look at how winter is setting up.  You can think about this as an abbreviated winter outlook.  I will review where we stand as it relates to past winters.  I will then talk in detail about what the next two weeks hold in regards to temperatures and precipitation.  That will get us to the middle of December.  If my forecast is close to accurate up to mid-December we should be able to then make a call about the rest of the season.

  • Cool Weekend With A Chance For Snow Next Week

    November 24, 2012

    Cold air returned yesterday and will stick around through your weekend.  In fact over the next 7 days there’s really only one chance for temperatures to be warmer than the average for this time of the year.  There is also a chance for Indianapolis’ first real snow of the season on Tuesday with most models showing less than a quarter of an inch.

  • Mild Weather Returns For Weekend

    November 17, 2012

    You can expect some gorgeous weather to set up for your weekend and beyond.  For today expect high temperatures in the mid-50s with clear skies.  Winds will change to the southeast later this afternoon and should be enough to bump temperatures up another 5 degrees for highs on Sunday.

  • Slow Warming Trend Begins Today

    November 16, 2012

    Today will be slightly warmer with clear skies.  You may hardly be able to tell the difference but today will be slightly warmer than yesterday.  Saturday and Sunday will continue to see temperatures going up with highs in the mid to upper 50s.  We could hit 60 degrees on Monday.  The only chance for rain on your seven day comes in on Tuesday morning as we see a gap between two high pressure areas.  This area of convergence could pump out about a tenth of an inch of rain.  The rain will not mean the arrival of cooler air as temperatures after Tuesday will continue to rise.  One of the warmest days of the week looks to be on Thursday with highs potentially hitting the mid-70s!

  • Cool Pattern Continues Today

    November 15, 2012

    Yesterday’s highs struggled to hit the 40s under at times cloudy skies.  While it will be a different system we will once again see clouds impact our weather with highs likely remaining in the mid to upper 40s.  There will be times when we will be overcast.  There will also be times when we are mostly clear with few clouds in the sky.  The most likely time for the mostly clear skies is first thing this morning after any fog and haze burns off.

  • The Chill Remains...

    November 14, 2012

    Interesting set-up right now as most of the United States is waking up to some extremely cold temperatures.  Here in Indiana lows, for the second straight day, hit the 20s.  We expect to hit the 20s again on Thursday before we begin to see a warming trend that heads into the weekend.  Highs will climb into the 50s by tomorrow and will continue to tick up each day through Monday. 

  • Warmer This Weeknd

    November 10, 2012

    It will be much warmer this weekend with temperatures in the upper 60s.  The only problem I see right now over the weekend is a small chance for rain in places like Lafayette as a weak boundary passes by.  For others south of Indianapolis you shouldn’t have to worry about any rainfall.  For those who may see rain it will be light sprinkles and nothing that could potentially ruin this fantastic spring-like weekend. 

  • Warm Weather Returns Today

    November 9, 2012

    With warmer air in place this weekend along with sunset coming sooner in the day you may be looking for something to do after dark.  It just so happens that November is actually one of the best months of the year for star gazing with one major light show every year along with another couple of smaller showers as well.  The big show (Leonids) doesn’t really get going until next Tuesday but you may see a meteor this weekend according to the American Meteor Society.  They’re predicting 2 – 3 potentially viewable meteors per hour over the weekend with much better conditions next week with the arrival of the Leonids.  You can click on the link for more information on this month’s viewable meteors.

  • Warm Weather Begins To Arrive Today

    November 8, 2012

    Warmer weather really begins to arrive today even though temps will still be slightly below average today.  The average for this time of year is 56 degrees and today we are expected to hit the low to mid-50s for highs. 

  • Rain Today, Warmer This Weekend

    November 7, 2012

    Grab the umbrella as you step out the door there will be light rain and mist around this morning through the early afternoon.  Rain totals won’t be a lot but the rain could be pesky.  Roads will be slick and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some wintry precipitation mixing in with rain at periods this morning. 

  • Rain Today, Chilly For Weekend

    November 3, 2012

    Prepare for a rainy day.  Rain totals won’t be very large but rain will be possible throughout the day.  The chance for rain will start this morning and will continue through about 8pm tonight.  I expect the rain total for Indianapolis to be a tenth of an inch to a fifth of an inch of rain.

  • Chill Remains In Place With Little Rain

    November 2, 2012

    The cool weather pattern for Indianapolis will continue over the next seven days with only one out of the next seven days forecast to top the average temperature.  Temperatures are locked in place due to a blocking ridge sitting off the East Coast.  If this ridge persists through winter it would likely cause the state to have a pretty cold and snowy winter.

  • Sunshine Returns for Part of Today

    November 1, 2012

    Indiana is currently stuck in a cold weather pattern that will continue over the next seven days.  Today will mark the seventh straight day where we have failed to hit 60 degrees.  It is also the seventh straight day with temperatures below normal.  Right now models show the next two weeks running cold.  Model data is also backed up by current global wind patterns that taken together are showing a high likelihood of a cold and active winter pattern setting up this winter.

  • More Rain in Forecast for Today

    October 31, 2012

    The powerhouse storm (Sandy) is now on the move toward eastern Canada.  And as she goes, so will the foul weather it brought to the eastern half of the U.S.!  Expect more sun in the days ahead with less wind.  Our next rain chance will arrive on Saturday into early Sunday morning with another cooler shot of air.  The cool pattern will continue overall through the next seven days.  The warmest day of the week is expected to be next Tuesday with a high of 53 degrees. 

  • Remains Cool Through Work Week

    October 28, 2012

    Clouds have rolled in overnight keeping temps from bottoming out.  This is the reason the freeze warnings were canceled.  Despite this morning’s clouds, tomorrow morning is expected to be clear as well and if it is we may once again see some freeze warnings issued due to temperatures bottoming out.

  • Sandy Will Have a Small Impact on Indiana Weather This Week

    October 27, 2012

    Uncertainty still remains when dealing with our extended forecast due to Tropical Storm Sandy.  This morning Sandy has winds sustained at 70mph and is located about 350 miles off the Georgia-Florida coastline.  Sandy is expected to make a hard left on Monday morning towards New York and will likely make landfall sometime on Monday.  Once the storm makes landfall expect it to weaken rapidly while stalling out over the northeast.  At this point rain will overtake wind as the main concern. 

  • Colder Weather Arrives Today

    October 26, 2012

    Cold weather has arrived as rain will continue for the rest of the day.  Temperatures this morning fell an impressive 17 degrees within an hour from midnight to 1am.  Dew points fell an equally impressive 6 degrees during this same time.  It would take a couple of hours after that before Indianapolis would record its first measurable rainfall.  Rain is expected to continue off and on for the remainder of your Friday.

  • It Turns Cold with Rain For Tomorrow

    October 25, 2012

    It’s rare that you hit 80 degrees this late in the year, but today we at least have a chance to do just that.  Last year the last time we hit 80 degrees was October 10th.  We are obviously past that date already but strong winds out of the south will at least make it possible for us to hit 80 today.  The latest 80 degree day ever here in Indianapolis is November 1st

  • Great Viewing For Meteor Shower Tonight

    October 20, 2012

    Rain has come to an end and we should clear out later on this afternoon.  The rest of the weekend will be clear with high temperatures in the upper 50s today and near 70 for Sunday.  The warm weather sticks around for at least the next 7 days before we may see a cool down.  Models diverge on exactly what to expect next weekend with the GFS showing us potentially getting our first light snow of the season.  The euro, the other long range model, shows temperatures cooling to near normal during this time period.  Quick note there will be a couple of small chances of rain from Tuesday through Thursday with the concern now being on some potential storms rolling through on Thursday night. 

  • Rain off and on Today

    October 19, 2012

    Grab the umbrella before heading out.  Rain will be around all day long.  An upper low is sweeping through from the northwest today and will bring us that chance for rain.  Most of the rain will be light and could be pesky for motorist throughout the day.  Rain will end overnight tonight most likely before 2am.

  • A Soggy Day Expected

    October 18, 2012

    Most of today will be dry but damp with cooler temperatures expected.  Yesterday we hit 70 degrees for the fourth time this month but will likely fail to hit 60 today.  We will see mostly cloudy skies today with some periods of sunshine.  Rain should stay away this afternoon and most of the evening before arriving first thing tomorrow morning. 

  • Storms Possible Tonight

    October 17, 2012

    This will be the warmest day of the workweek, as cooler air settles in on Thursday and especially for Friday.  Expect warm and windy conditions today, as showers gather this afternoon and into the evening!  Rainfall potential will range between .50” to 1.25” in most locations…The rain will end early Thursday but more rain returns on Friday with falling afternoon temperatures.  The cold shot of air will be short-lived, as sunshine builds for the weekend with another warming trend!

  • Storms Possible Today

    October 14, 2012

    Storms and severe weather will impact indiana later this morning into the early afternoon hours.  Instability will peak between 11a - 2p.  This is the time when hail, destructive winds and tornadoes will be possible.

  • Rain Possible Today

    October 13, 2012

    Wet weather returns for this weekend.  The main concern is focused on Sunday when strong storms will roll through.  Destructive straight line winds and large hail will be the main concerns as a line of storms impacts us during the afternoon.  Temperatures ahead of the storms will be in the 70s.  Highs behind the front will struggle to hit the 60s.

  • Another Cool Day Today, Warmer Tomorrow

    October 12, 2012

    As expected, portions of Indiana are now under the risk of severe storms for Sunday.  Destructive straight line winds and large hail are the main concerns as a cold front will sweep through late Sunday afternoon.  Rain is expected off and on all day with the heaviest rain coming in the afternoon hours.  Rain should be wrapping up by Sunday evening with the strongest weather off to the southeast of Indianapolis. 

  • Severe Weather Possible Over Weekend

    October 11, 2012

    A fast moving and weak cold front will help to keep temperatures in the cool range both today and tomorrow.  Clear skies and light winds means morning temps this morning have fallen below freezing in a number of communities.  There will be some clouds around overnight tonight, so even with another blast of cold air from another cold front; temperatures won’t be as cold as your waking up on Friday morning.  Highs on Friday will be cooler than today by a degree or two due to the colder air mass in place.  It won’t last for long though as temperatures are expected to warm this weekend.

  • Cold Monday Start, Warmer Rest of Week

    October 7, 2012

    Yesterday’s low of 35° here in Indianapolis is the coldest we have been in a while.  In fact you’d have to go all the way back to April 27th to find the last time our temperatures were that cold to start off the day.  On average, October 7th is the first time Indianapolis sees temps at or below 36 degrees.  We did this yesterday so we beat the average by a day.  At this point it looks like Monday morning will be the only chance we have of seeing temperatures below freezing over the next 15 days so we may fall behind average when it comes to falling below 32 degrees.  The average date for that is October 16th.  Freeze warnings are now in effect for Monday with lows near 32. 

  • Cold Weather Arrives, Freeze Watch Issued

    October 6, 2012

    We will get to the cold weekend forecast in a bit but wanted to start off with something I find to be just spectacular.  On the morning of August 4th Indianapolis was 10.64 inches behind the yearly average when it came to rain.  After yesterday’s rain the city is now just one inch shy of the yearly average.  This is a pretty remarkable turnaround.  The next 7 days will likely be mostly dry with two chances for rain.  One, first thing on Sunday morning, will not see a lot of rain but could produce some wintry precipitation like sleet and or graupel.  Graupel is basically frosted over snowflakes.  Unlike with sleet, graupel does not completely melt on the way through the atmosphere, with the outside surface actually refreezing.  I do expect to see a couple of reports of some type of wintry precipitation on Sunday morning.  The best chance is northeast of Indianapolis.

  • Wild Weather Week With Up And Down Temperatures

    October 2, 2012

    Scattered rain for the rest of the day, but for the remainder of the week the up and down temperatures will be the big story.  In fact the coolest weather of the season will be likely this weekend after we hit the upper 70s on Thursday. 

  • Rain Possible Today

    October 1, 2012

    Rain will arrive this afternoon and will stick around over the next several days.  Rain totals will likely be between a half inch to a full inch of rain for Indianapolis and communities southeast of the city.  Rain totals will be smaller for areas northwest of town with a quarter of an inch to a half inch of rain possible.

  • Rain Returns On Monday

    September 30, 2012

    A gorgeous day today but rain chances return to the forecast for Monday.  In fact rain could be here on Monday, possibly arriving as soon as the lunch hour.  Once it arrives you will likely see off and on rain through Wednesday morning.  Rain totals could top an inch in a number of communities, especially southeast of Indianapolis.  Some storms will also be possible southeast of the city.

  • Dry This Weekend, Rain Returns For Work Week

    September 29, 2012

    Fantastic weather expected for this weekend but there are some pretty big changes to the week ahead.  The changes begin as soon as Monday night as a surge of gulf moisture will begin to arrive from the south.  Our rain chances, especially communities southeast of Indianapolis, will begin to go up no Monday.  Rain will be in the way of rain showers with maybe some embedded lightning.  We will not see any severe weather.

  • Drought Conditions Continue to Improve Across State

    September 28, 2012

    Drought maps came out yesterday and there was once again some small improvements here in the state.  There will be solid improvement in next week’s map due to the heavy rain we received on Tuesday night through Thursday.  The heaviest rain fell in those areas hit worst by drought conditions, southern parts of the state.  That’s also where the state’s band of severe drought conditions is located.

  • Rain for Central Part of State, Storms for the South

    September 26, 2012

    More rain in your forecast for today.  Most of the rain will fall south of Bloomington with only off and on scattered rain expected for Indianapolis and places north of the city.  No severe weather is expected in Central Indiana today but we could see some flooding down south of Bloomington in places that have received two to more inches of rain.

  • Storms and Rain In Forecast for Today

    September 25, 2012

    Rain will be around all day long with the heaviest rain arriving after 10a this morning and lasting through 6p this afternoon.  Strong storms, frequent lightning, small hail, strong convective wind gust over 35mph and heavy rain can be expected as this rolls through. 

  • Another Cold Morning Before A Warm Up

    September 23, 2012

    The first real fall like blast of cold air arrives tonight with temperatures expected to fall to the mid-30s.  Frost advisories have been issued ahead of this cold weather.  If you’re not a fan of the cold weather there is some good news.  Monday morning lows could be the coldest weather we see over the next two weeks.  Of course if you’re a fan of the colder weather no worries, today is after all the first day of fall.  There will be plenty of colder days ahead. 

  • Rain Returns To Forecast

    September 21, 2012

    A dry morning will give way to rain this afternoon.  In fact most places here in Central Indiana will see about a half inch of rain with the potential for a narrow band of plus one inch of rain.  Severe weather is not expected at this time.  Behind the rain strong northerly winds will pull temperatures down to the 60s and possibly even 50s.

  • Temperatures Down Rain Chances Up Over Next Forty-Eight Hours

    September 20, 2012

    An upper low will play havoc with our temperatures and rain chances for the next couple of days.  There’s a small chance for rain today but a much better chance for rain on Friday.  The weekend should be dry with clouds and cooler weather possible for Sunday.  There is uncertainty though on just how cool Sunday will be.

  • Cold Weather Season Begins This Week

    September 16, 2012

    Fall officially begins in less than a week and it looks like Indiana will see our first big cool down of the season this upcoming week.  Places like Lafayette are already in their window for the first frost of the season (temps falling to 36 degrees or less) and Indianapolis’ window begins next weekend with September 23 being the earliest frost date for the city set back in 1995.  City records for frost dates go back to 1943.  Here is a more complete list of first frost and freeze dates provided by the National Weather Service.  These dates and our cold weather season are right around the corner! 

  • Pleasant Weekend, Cool Nights

    September 15, 2012

    The weekend will be pleasant with cool mornings giving way to mild afternoons.  The skies should be mostly clear with highs in the mid to upper 70s.  The wind for most of the weekend will be out of the north.

  • Morning Rain Gives Way To Weekend Sun

    September 14, 2012

    The cold front has now passed and while we will be dealing with light rain for the remainder of the morning, the weekend is looking nice.  Highs yesterday hit 81 degrees.  We won’t hit the mid-seventies today with a high of 71 forecast for Indianapolis.  The weekend won’t be as cool as today but we likely won’t hit the 80s.  There will be plenty of sunshine over the weekend with cool early fall-like evenings.

  • Fall Is Sneaking Up On Us

    September 13, 2012

    A mild day today with rain chances increasing late this afternoon into Friday morning.  The weekend will be cool, but the coolest weather won’t arrive until next week.

  • Weekend Is Looking Nice But Cooler

    September 12, 2012

    It’s going to be an interesting couple of days with temperatures up today, but slightly falling for the remainder of the week.  This is despite us seeing winds out of the south both today, Thursday and most of Friday.

  • We Get To Dry Out After Record Friday Rains

    September 8, 2012

    We finally get a break from the rain.  It seems odd to be saying that so soon after one of the worst droughts in Indiana history scorched the state but that is where we now stand.  Since August first Indianapolis is 7.37 inches above the average rain we’d normally expect.  This takes a big bite out of the 10.23 inches of rain we lagged behind the average over the summer months of May, June and July.

  • Storms Arrive This Afternoon

    September 7, 2012

    A stormy night will give way to the coolest weather since June 5th this weekend.  Tracking the storms tonight, the window for severe weather will be from 6pm through 2am on Saturday.  Light rainfall could persist in the area for the remainder of Saturday morning.  Hail and straight line winds are the big severe concerns right now but I think isolated flooding could be just as big of a problem.

  • Drier Today with a Wet Start to Your Weekend

    September 6, 2012

    We should finally get a break from rain today with only an isolated chance in your forecast.  This means most won’t see a drop of rain today.  There will be a much better chance for rain on Friday as a mid-level low along with a cold front sweeps through the area.  This will bring the potential for heavy rain from 10pm Friday through 4 am on Saturday.  Some flooding could occur.

  • Rain Stays In Forecast Through Sunday

    September 5, 2012

    The wet weather will continue through the weekend before we once again see a gap in rain.  There will be at least a chance for rain each day over the next four days with the best chance for rain coming Friday night into Saturday morning.  Up until then we will only see a scattered chance for rain with some not seeing a drop of rain through Friday night.

  • Weekend Rain Could Go a Long Way In Decreasing Yearly Rain Deficits

    August 28, 2012

    Indiana can expect a dry couple of days before potentially having to deal with Isaac’s wrath.  Following the rain brought in from a cold front yesterday Indianapolis is now 6.44” behind on the year with most of the negative totals coming from May to July.  Isaac could potentially catch Indianapolis up with our yearly rain.  Places like Bloomington though, where rain totals are 16.37 inches behind their averages will see plenty of rain but not enough to catch them up on their yearly rain.

  • Isaac Could Do Equal Damage Inland

    August 27, 2012

    All eyes are on Isaac this morning as the storm continues to strengthen over gulf waters.  As of right now it looks like Isaac will make landfall sometime Tuesday afternoon and Isaac could make landfall as late as Tuesday evening.  Isaac is forecast to come ashore as a Category 1 storm with sustained winds of 75 to 90 mph.  Most of the damage from the large storm could come in the way of a storm surge for coastal Mississippi and Louisiana where they could see a 3 to 6 foot rise in water levels.  Places as far as Mobile Bay could be impacted by the storms surge.  In the end though Isaac may be remembered more for the damage it does inland instead of the damage it does along the coast.

  • Monday Rain, With Isaac Out of Forecast For Now

    August 25, 2012

    As of this morning all of our long range models have Tropical Storm Isaac on a path that would mean minimal impact to central Indiana.  We are however likely to be included in the path of uncertainty later on today so it is still going to be close.  Looking over the 7-day forecast I personally think Thursday and Friday will see some significant changes.  Right now model data is showing us that we should expect high temperatures in the 90s on those days. 

  • Summer Heat Returns Today

    August 24, 2012

    As we begin to wrap up the summer months and look back, the big weather story is clearly the summer heat we have seen.  It’s clear that while this summer may not break all of summer 1936s records many of them will or already have fallen. 

  • Could Isaac Be Our Drought Buster?

    August 23, 2012

    Every Thursday morning at 8:30 we find out the extent of ongoing drought conditions right here in Indiana.  For the past three weeks things have been improving when it comes to just how much coverage area the drought has taken up.  We still likely need 5 inches of rain or more on average within a month in order to see drought conditions totally disappear in the state.  Generally you want to see this rain come in short burst of an inch or two for the maximum positive effect on plants and trees.  The second best thing would be a so called “drought buster” that would have several inches of rain all within the course of 48 to 72 hours.  This type of rain would fully replenish our reservoirs that have seen their levels dropping drastically this summer.  This type of scenario is going to be possible at the end of next week as Tropical Storm Isaac comes onshore and heads to the Midwest.

  • Tracking the Return Of 90° Heat

    August 22, 2012

    We are looking at an uneventful couple of days through the weekend with some pretty good rain chances for Monday.  In fact some models are really jumping on our Monday rain chances.  We will get to that in a bit but first let’s talk about the weather going through the weekend.  While we have had some below normal temps over the past week that is all set to change today.  Highs will be above the average high of 84 for this time of year beginning today and continuing into the weekend.  It will take some Monday rain to break the return of intense heat with a couple of 90 degree days expected through the weekend.

  • Another Lovely Day Ahead

    August 19, 2012

    There will be a small chance for rain today through Tuesday.  By small we are talking about less than a ten percent coverage area.  This means that you will not have a good chance of seeing any rain today, tomorrow, or Tuesday.  I personally think if you were to add up the rain we will see over the next 72 hours you’d likely still not get to a 10 percent chance for rain.  Basically there’s a chance but not a good chance for any rain.

  • Picture Perfect Today

    August 18, 2012

    Some small changes to your weekend forecast as a weak cold front will arrive a couple of hours earlier than previously forecast.  This along with a short wave trough passing by at the same time may mean a couple of isolated showers south of Indianapolis on Sunday night.  Most places will be dry for the weekend and the upcoming week. 

  • Remains Mild This Weekend

    August 17, 2012

    It could be a while before we see any more rain.  The good news is that most of the state has already seen more than the monthly average for rain and we still have a week and a half to go in the month.  The bad news is obviously we need more rain to alleviate drought like conditions across the state due to the lack of rain in May, June and July. Over the next seven days, the best chance for rain will be on Monday as a weak cold front nears Central Indiana.  The chance for you to see rain over the next seven days is low however.  Weekend temperatures will be near 80 with a slow warm-up through the work week.  We will likely see a return to the 90s for Friday and next weekend.

  • Severe Weather Possible Tonight

    August 16, 2012

    There will be a chance for rain all day today, but anything before Noon is expected to be in the way of light rain showers.  Storms will begin developing ahead of a cold front by the early afternoon hours.  Those will be followed by stronger storms with destructive wind gusts and large hail later on tonight.  Finally the must needed rain will come to a halt early Friday morning with light sprinkles possible at the bus stop.

  • Dry Today, There's A Chance For Severe Weather With Thursday Rain

    August 15, 2012

    It will be partly cloudy today with overcast skies expected for northern parts of the state.  This will result in a large range in our high temperatures.  The warmest weather will be off to the west with milder temperatures setting up to our northeast.  Mid to upper 80s should be possible today with winds out of the south.  Winds will pick up overnight and Thursday should be breezy.  There will also be a chance for some severe storms on Thursday.

  • Another Nice Day Today

    August 12, 2012

    Another gorgeous day today with highs slightly warmer than the 79 we hit on Saturday for Indianapolis.  Skies will be clear for most of the day before some late afternoon and evening clouds roll in.  If you were hoping for another spectacular night of meteor watching Saturday night and Sunday morning was likely the best night.  You will still have a chance of seeing a few more meteors though as there will be some gaps in the clouds.

  • Cooler Weather Settles In This Week

    August 11, 2012

    Dare I say it?  It looks like we may be done with the 90s this summer.  Model data supports much cooler weather over the next two weeks.  After seeing a year where we have rarely seen below average temperatures for highs, it looks like the persistent heat wave has finally broken.  Over the next two weeks we should see cooler weather with a couple of good rain chances.  You can even call it fall like weather with a couple of mornings seeing us fall into the 50s for wake-up temperatures. 

  • Rain and Lightning This Morning, Severe Weather Possible Tonight

    August 9, 2012

    It’s going to be a busy weather day today as rain has gotten started early and will continue until later tonight.  While we don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves today’s rain will go a long way to helping us get the worst drought in the history of Central Indiana behind us.  As of 3am Thursday morning we have already seen a nice band of 2 inches plus in rainfall and Indianapolis is now 1.62 inches up on rain this month not counting any of today’s rainfall.  The latest drought maps will not include today or yesterday’s rain (the cut-off is Tuesday morning) but I was already looking at the area either holding steady or seeing slight improvements when it came to areas stricken with extreme and exceptional drought areas. 

  • Storms Roll Through, Leave Damage

    August 5, 2012

    After a busy twenty four hours with rain and storms pounding the area we will get some relief from the storms this week.  Unfortunately it also looks like we will be dry through next Friday. Temperatures today will be in the mid-80s with upper-80s likely for your Monday.  Both days will feel wonderful as drier, cooler air sweeps in from the north.

  • Scattered Rain Turns Widespread Tonight

    August 4, 2012

    There are a couple of isolated storms this morning along the surge of warm to hot air that will be in place today.  Yesterday somehow someway we hit 93 degrees for a high.  The hottest part of the day for this time of the year, 4 – 7 pm temperatures were way down in the upper 80s making for a pleasant if not a bit stuffy start to the Indiana State Fair.  The fair is open this weekend and there will be concerns both Saturday and Sunday for those heading out there.

  • Not As Hot Today With Scattered Rain

    August 3, 2012

    I know I know…before you call me out on how cool my temps are compared to everyone else let me make my case for today.  We have an area of low pressure sitting over Western Kentucky this morning with some clouds wrapping around the central rotation.  You will have frequent clouds with a chance for scattered rain through the day and temps model forecast 850 temps have come down over the past 12 hours.  On top of all this, with clear skies and warmer conditions technically yesterday, we still ONLY hit 97 degrees yesterday.  All of this should come together to mean temperatures not nearly as hot as they were yesterday.

  • Dangerous Heat Returns Today

    August 2, 2012

    Right now the forecast and weather models that try to predict what will occur over the next couple of days are all unsettled.  This means there is not a lot of agreement due to just how complex the weather pattern is.  This morning we have a boundary to our south along with a ridge of high pressure that has tracked east over the past couple of days.  The core of the hot air is to our southwest where places like little rock, Arkansas and Tulsa, Oklahoma continue to see temperatures hitting triple digits.  Indianapolis could hit triple digits today and I am forecasting that Friday will actually be hotter than today.

  • More Heat Today As We Continue On Record Setting Pace

    July 30, 2012

    It’s been a summer of record heat and on Sunday the records continued to fall.  With more 90 degree heat likely today and on Tuesday we will see 28 days this month of temperatures hitting 90 or above!  The record before this month was 25 in a single month.  28 days will be a record that will potentially take decades to break.  In fact it took us more than a century to break this record, as July 2001 was the month that previously held the mark for most 90 degree days in a month.  Currently we are also on pace to break the yearly +90° mark.  We’ve hit 90 or higher 42 times this year.  The record amount of 90 degree days is 58 in one year.  I have us at 46 by the end of the week.  It does appear we are going to be close with long range patterns showing us gradually returning to a more seasonal pattern.

  • Wonderful Day To Go Racing

    July 29, 2012

    Brickyard day could hardly be any nicer with low humidity levels and temperatures stuck in the 80s for the day.  The high temperature is expected to be in the upper 80s with winds out of the north to start the day and out of the south by the end of the day.  Dew points will be in the mid-50s today. 

  • Not as Hot Today, Next Heat Wave Begins on Monday

    July 28, 2012

    One of the cooler starts of the month will occur this morning as temperatures will dip to the mid-60s behind a twin cool fronts that have blown through over the last 48 hours.  This should keep temps in the mid to upper 80s for highs today before we once again have a chance at hitting 90 on Sunday.  While the upcoming week will be hot, it is looking like highs won’t be nearly as hot as they’ve been over the past couple of weeks with temps peaking in the mid-90s over the next seven days.  Clouds are a concern today with places East of Indianapolis having the coolest weather due to cloud cover. 

  • Isolated Rain Today, Not as Hot This Weekend

    July 27, 2012

    Another day with a low chance for severe weather and an even smaller chance you’ll see any rain at all.  There is a chance through for you and your yard to see some rain today with areas east of Indianapolis having the best chance.  This is also where the Storm Prediction Center has noted as having a chance for severe weather including the potential for destructive and damaging winds.  There will also be a better chance for large hail with these storms sweeping through.  Yesterday hail was in the low category.

  • Severe Storms Possible Today

    July 26, 2012

    There’s the potential for severe weather today.  The main concern is for strong straight line winds that could uproot trees and damage buildings.  There is a small area in Indiana that borders Ohio that will have an enhanced threat for tornadoes. 

  • Extreme Heat Returns Today

    July 25, 2012

    The heat is set to return to the area today after temps, at least in Indianapolis, dipped to the low 90s for most of the day on Tuesday.  Highs on Tuesday did hit 97 degrees in the city but we didn’t see the extended heat that has plagued our afternoons over the past couple of weeks.

  • Turning Hotter With Late Week Rain Chances

    July 22, 2012

    Another hot one today expected with highs hitting the mid-90s.  Temperatures will continue to go up with triple digit heat expected from Monday through at least Wednesday.  Heat advisories will likely be issued for this time period.

  • Comfortable Weather Returns For A Little While

    July 20, 2012

    More than 100 storm reports came in last night from strong storms that rolled through.  The good news is that the storms are over.  The bad news is that it will be at least four days until we see our next rain chance after this morning.  The next heat wave is also set to begin tomorrow with 100 degree heat possible as soon as Sunday.

  • More Rain Expected Today

    July 19, 2012

    Rain chances stick around for the day as we get a rare July cold front to push through this afternoon to the evening.  Expect a decent downpour as the front sweeps through with scattered rain ahead of the front.  Some of the rain will come by way of intense super-cell thunderstorm that will bring a chance for severe weather with destructive winds being the main concern.  The entire state has been included in the Storm Prediction Center’s daily risk assessment report.  We have been given a slight risk for severe storms.

  • Another Hot One With Scattered Rain

    July 18, 2012

    Rain chances stay in the scattered range today with a much better chance for rain on Thursday.  Yesterday scattered rain fell here in the city and more of the same is expected today with the coverage area slightly larger.  Rain chances will continue to go up for tomorrow before we see not as hot, but still hot, weather returning to the forecast by Sunday.

  • Rain Chances Down Temperatures Up for Today

    July 15, 2012

    It wasn’t a dry day for everyone yesterday.  Several communities recorded more than a third of an inch of rain falling led by South Bend who reported a whopping two inches of rainfall over the past 24 hours!  While not a lot, there is more rain forecast for the state today.  Most of the rain should develop over southern parts of the state and unfortunately we are only expecting an isolated shower here in Central Indiana.  If you don’t see the rain today temperatures will likely climb into the 90s. 

  • Rain Chances Return For Today

    July 14, 2012

    It looks like we will likely break the stretch of 90 plus degree days today.  If we somehow manage to top 90 today it would seem the streak of 23 straight days set last year would be in danger of falling.  It is one of several records that the National Weather Service has identified this weekend as potentially falling this month. 

  • Isolated Rain Today, Better Chance Tomorrow

    July 13, 2012

    Today could potentially mark the 17th straight day in a row where we have seen temperatures at or above 90 degrees.  It is going to be close but our forecast is calling for a high of 91 today.  I think we do it.  There will be a small chance for rain for you today but most won’t see any rain today.  The best chance for rain will be for those living in Southern Indiana today. 

  • Another Hot One Today

    July 12, 2012

    Another hot day expected today as we more than likely hit 90 degrees for the 16th straight day.  While another week of temps in the 90s would match the longest streak ever it doesn’t look like we will break it.  Rain chances will go up over the weekend and temperatures will remain in the 80s for highs. 

  • Remains Hot Today With Weekend Rain Likely

    July 11, 2012

    Another hot one today across the state with most places hitting the 90s once again.  This current extended heat wave (Today could mark the 15th day in a row with high temps at or above 90°) should come to an end on Friday.  Friday through Saturday will also feature our best chance for rain in a long while.  Everyone should at least see some rain through the weekend.  It won’t be the so called drought buster we desperately need but a good half inch to potentially more will be possible.

  • Severe Weather Possible Today

    July 5, 2012

    Another hot day today, with highs expected to once again hit triple digits.  Yesterday we hit 102 here in Indianapolis.  Technically we should be warmer than that today.  Yesterday I forecast a high of 103 for today and I am not going to change this forecast high.  In fact there aren’t any changes through Sunday.  Rain chances increasing on Sunday has us dropping forecast high temperatures down a couple of degrees.  The excessive heat warning continues through Saturday night.  There is also a chance for severe weather today with the SPC putting eastern parts of area under a slight risk.

  • Excessive Heat Warnings In Effect Through Saturday

    July 4, 2012

    Oh boy, another steamer of a day today with highs once again expected to top triple digits.  This could be the first of five potential days with highs hitting triple digits.  The NWS has already issued an excessive heat warning for most of Central Indiana through Saturday.  This generally means each of these days will see a feels like temperature above 105 for 3 hours or more.  Here in Indiana, we consider any stretch of days in the low 90s as a heat wave.  We are forecasting temperatures will return to the low 90s behind a Sunday cool front!  And by far the worst news is that over the next 7 days there is little to no chance that you’ll see some rain.

  • Another Chance For Rain Tonight

    June 24, 2012

    There are a couple of things going on today so let’s get you quickly up to date.  We’ve been talking for the past couple of days about the chance for rain tonight and it is going to be just a chance.  Tonight’s rain will be isolated.  This means some will see some rain.  Most will not see any rain.  The rain chance will emerge from a slow moving front coming in from the north tonight.  As the front rolls into the state, rain and storms will likely be weakening.  This means there is likely a better chance for those living north of Indianapolis to see some rain.  There is also a low severe risk for those living in the northern half of the state.  Large hail and strong destructive winds are the main concerns when it comes to the severe risk area.

  • A Wonderful Weekend With Monday Rain Chances

    June 23, 2012

    Plenty of things to do this weekend, and it looks like the weather is going to cooperate.  Highs today will be in the upper 80s with a light easterly wind.  Sunday highs will likely return to the 90s with a cold front pushing through Sunday night through Monday morning.  We could see some (not a lot) of rain as this front passes through.  The front should help to cool us down for the beginning of the work week. 

  • Heat Wave Continues Today With Rain Chances This Weekend

    June 19, 2012

    The heat wave continues with model data being at odds over what will occur over the weekend.  Yesterday Indianapolis hit 92 degrees and today we will likely hit 94 for a high temperature.  Dew points actually clicked down to the low 60s yesterday with the arrival of dry southwest air.  Some may have noticed a “comfort level” difference with things feeling better outside as surface moisture ticked down.

  • Weather Will Remain Hot and Dry

    June 18, 2012

    Well if you didn’t see some rain this weekend there’s little hope you’ll see some over the next couple of days as we return to another hot and dry pattern.  There isn’t much hope for rain over the course of the next seven days.  There will be two cold fronts passing through and at least one warm front.  The first front will pass through on Thursday night into Friday morning.  Only one model, the rain loving and low resolution GFS, is showing anything more than 0.05 inches of rain as this front passes through.  I expect as we get closer to Friday model run totals will slowly go down.  There’s also a better chance for rain over the weekend from Saturday night through Sunday morning with the passage of another cold front.

  • Today May be Best Chance For Rain Over Next Seven Days

    June 17, 2012

    A difficult forecast for the next 7 days as there seems to be a lot of uncertainty and little agreement on how much rain we will see and the most likely times to get the rain.  For today there will be a chance for some rain and I think most people will see at least some rain.  The problem is that I don’t think any one area will see a lot of rain.  You may only get a passing shower today or be one of the ones who see an extended rain shower.

  • Rain and Storms Possible Today

    June 16, 2012

    The Storm Prediction Center has placed a significant portion of Central Indiana under a slight risk for severe weather.  I think our severe chances will remain relatively low but I think there is a decent chance for you to see some rain today.  We are going with an isolated chance for rain here today with a scattered chance for rain tomorrow.  We certainly need some rain as monthly rain totals are only at .05” of rain.  Today could mark the 12th straight day where the Indianapolis airport has not recorded and measurable rainfall.  There’s a decent chance we FINALLY see some rain today.

  • Little Rain In Forecast Over Next Seven Days

    June 15, 2012

    The 2012 summer drought officially kicked off yesterday with 33 counties being placed in the moderate drought area here in Indiana.  Basically the entire state, the only exception is a small portion of SE Indiana, has been placed in the abnormally dry category.  The lack of rain is also contributing to a enhanced fire risk and as of this morning 8 Indiana counties are now under a county wide burn ban across the state.  Numerous grass fires have been reported over the past several days and more will continue to ignite until we get some significant rainfall.

  • We Continue to Heat Up and Dry Out

    June 14, 2012

    Today serves as a transition day.  It won’t really be hot but temperatures will be warmer than yesterday.  It won’t really be humid but it will be more humid then yesterday.  And while it isn’t going to stand out by itself as a day of extremes we can clearly see things coming together to put together another extended heat wave for the area.  This mixed with little to no rainfall has us concerned about the overall fire danger for the rest of the month and extending into the Fourth of July weekend.

  • Dry Conditions Last Through Weekend

    June 13, 2012

    Today will mark the 7th straight day here in Indianapolis where we have seen no measurable rainfall.  There is little relief from the dry conditions on the seven day forecast with only one day having a good enough chance for rain to actually show.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see us go another week with little to no rainfall here in Central Indiana.  Yesterday Noble County in Northeast Indiana became the first county across the state to issue a “mandatory” countywide burn ban.  Tippecanoe County also issued a voluntary burn ban yesterday.  Look for a number of other communities to follow their lead over the next 7 days.

  • Rain Possible Overnight through Tuesday Morning

    June 10, 2012

    10 days into the month and we have only seen .05 inches of rain.  This would normally not be that big of a deal but over the past month rain has all of a sudden been hard to come by.  The good news is that rain is on the way and will be falling through your Monday and early Tuesday morning.  The bad news is we are still not in a rainy pattern.  After this rain moves out it will likely be another 5 – 7 days before our next chance for rain arrives.

  • The Heat is On!

    June 9, 2012

    The chance for the big rain Central and Southern Indiana so desperately needs is looking more likely to occur on Monday.  The big change is a chunk of gulf moisture that potentially rides fast winds moving in from the south.  This chunk of moisture should arrive just ahead of next week’s cold front.  This one two set-up is conducive for rain amounts of between .75 to an inch of rain on average.  We could also potentially be looking at a couple of places seeing between 1.5 to 2 inches of rain.  I must caution that model output numbers (model estimate of how much rain reporting sites will see) are still averaging far less than a half an inch for an average, but I think those numbers will go up over the next 24 hours.

  • A Dry Weekend With Rain Chances For Early Next Work Week....

    June 9, 2012

    The chance for the big rain Central and Southern Indiana so desperately needs is looking more likely to occur on Monday.  The big change is a chunk of gulf moisture that potentially rides fast winds moving in from the south.  This chunk of moisture should arrive just ahead of next week’s cold front.  This one two set-up is conducive for rain amounts of between .75 to an inch of rain on average.  We could also potentially be looking at a couple of places seeing between 1.5 to 2 inches of rain.  I must caution that model output numbers (model estimate of how much rain reporting sites will see) are still averaging far less than a half an inch for an average, but I think those numbers will go up over the next 24 hours.

  • The Heat Arrives for Weekend While Rain Stays Away

    June 8, 2012

    The main focus over the next couple of days will be over when we will see some more rain and how much we will get.  The forecast calls for dry conditions through the weekend with clouds beginning to build on Sunday.  It is going to be hot over the next couple of days with highs flirting with the 90s for Saturday.  Highs will hit the mid to possibly upper 80s today for highs.  It will be mostly clear.  There are air quality alerts for parts of the state south of Indianapolis. 

  • Temperatures Return to the 80s Today

    June 7, 2012

    High pressure will set in today through the weekend keeping rain and clouds away.  Expect another wonderful day for today with highs returning to the 80s.  As we continue to see a ridge of high pressure building on top of us expect temperatures to slowly tick upwards going into your weekend.  90s will be possible on both Saturday and Sunday with Sunday the likely warmer of the two days.  Rain should stay away as we will be under the influence of a high pressure ridge.

  • Summer Heat Set To Make Return Soon

    June 6, 2012

    Expect another nice and pleasant day today.  High temperatures will hit the mid 70s today with winds blowing in from the northeast.  This “dry” wind will once again keep humidity levels low and our comfort level high.  Things begin to change by the end of the day as we return to a more humid atmosphere for the next week.

  • Temperatures Return to the 80s Today

    June 3, 2012

    We finally begin to see the upper low sliding off to the west today.  We should see plenty of sun with highs near 80 degrees.  Rain chances return to the forecast for Monday with the rest of the week looking dry.

  • Rain Chances Remain in Forecast

    June 2, 2012

    We are looking at a difficult forecast over the next five days as we continue to see the slow passage of an upper level low to our north.  This low has already pushed through a cold front and temperatures yesterday barely hit 60 degrees with the cooler air around.  Friday was the coolest open to June in 16 years.  It’s about time we can set a cool record instead of breaking heat records like has been about the norm for the past couple of months.

  • Pleasant Today with Storms Possible Tomorrow

    May 30, 2012

    There are big changes in your forecast beginning tomorrow.  For today we will still see a comfortable day with highs near 80 degrees.  We will continue to see our share of clouds today with us calling for a cloud sun mix.  Winds today will be out of the northwest at 10 – 17 mph.

  • Heat Wave Has Ended

    May 29, 2012

    After three straight days of temperatures in the 90s we finally see this heat wave break.  Highs today will be in the 80s with cool down over the next 5 days.  The coolest day of the week will likely be on Saturday after a second cold front passes through on Friday.  Saturday highs will be near 70.

  • Another Hot One Today, With Rain Chances Going Up For Tonight

    May 28, 2012

    Today will be another hot one on your Memorial Day.  Highs yesterday hit 91 degrees.  We were expecting yesterday to be the hottest day of this heat wave but with temperatures coming up a little short of the mid 90s like we were expecting, today will likely be hotter.  It may be the last time we hit 90 degrees anytime soon as we will see a cold front sweep through early Tuesday morning bringing a chance for rain and storms this evening.  Cooler weather will begin to arrive Tuesday morning.

  • One Hot Weekend Ahead

    May 25, 2012

    The best chance for rain through your holiday weekend is likely going to be today as a weak cold front tries to nose into the area.  You won’t be able to feel any relief from the heat as highs are still expected to hit the mid to upper 80s in Indianapolis.  90s will be possible in other parts of the state.

  • Heat Wave Strengthens Today

    May 24, 2012

    Yesterday we were just a degree short of 80 officially here in Indianapolis.  A number of communities did hit 80 yesterday and today will be warmer.  There is a little bit of good news for those outside most of the day today.  While temperatures will be around 5 degrees warmer today when compared to yesterday, wind speeds will be between 10 – 20 mph through the day.  This should make it actually feel nice for those outside for a good portion of the day.

  • And So It Begins....We Begin Change To Hot And Humid Conditions Today

    May 23, 2012

    Not a lot of changes to the hot weekend forecast.  The good news is rain seems unlikely to delay this year’s Indianapolis 500.  The bad news is that for those heading out to the track you can expect some of the most oppressive weather conditions ever during the race.

  • Today Likely To Be Hottest Day Of The Year So Far

    May 19, 2012

    Temperatures go from hot, to hotter and finally to really HOT over the course of the next 7 days.  During this time there is likely only going to be one day where highs don’t hit 80 degrees.  Yesterday marked the 15th time we’ve hit 80 degrees this year.  Something we did not accomplish until June 2nd last year and May 28th in 2010.  Looking at the extended outlook it would appear that by June 2nd this year we will likely be around twenty-seven 80 degree days already for the year.  Today will likely be the hottest day since last September 13th when we hit 92 degrees.  That was also the last time we have hit 90 degrees here in Indianapolis.

  • Highs Return to the 80s Today, Even Hotter This Weekend

    May 18, 2012

    The forecast stays solid through the weekend with rain chances beginning late Sunday.  Most of the weekend should be hot and humid.  At the track, Pole Day will be hot and humid.  Take plenty of fluids with you if heading down to the track on Saturday.  The forecast remains humid for Sunday with dew points near 60°!  That’s extremely high for the Midwest and likely to cause some problems.

  • We Should Remain Dry Through the Weekend

    May 17, 2012

    After a weak cold front rolled through yesterday we go back to pleasant and warm weather for today and the rest of the work week.  Temperatures will become increasingly hot as we go into your weekend with weekend highs in the mid to upper 80s.  There will be just the slightest chance for rain over the weekend. 

  • Weak Front Brings Chance For Rain Today

    May 16, 2012

    There will be a couple of small chances for rain over the next couple of days but the main headline and story will be the continues warmth and unseasonably warm weather that will stick around for at least another week.  In fact, looking ahead at the 15 day outlook it looks like the rest of the month will remain warm.

  • A Nice Mother's Day Forecast

    May 13, 2012

    Your Mother’s Day rain chances are quickly evaporating as the low pressure area to our south continues to take all the moisture away from us.  That means the already weak cold front that will slide in from the north will be starved for moisture as it moves through.  At this point it appears most won’t see a drop of rain today with just an isolated rain threat through the day.

  • Rain Still In Forecast for Mother's Day

    May 12, 2012

    The weekend outlook just keeps getting better.  Not only will we see a pleasant day as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is set to open today, but Sunday’s forecast is even looking better.   Expect highs in the mid to upper 70s again today but clouds will begin to filter in this afternoon.  By this evening we should be overcast and will spend the rest of the weekend with a lot of clouds and little sun. 

  • Pleasant Weather Continues Today

    May 11, 2012

    Pleasant weather continues today with highs in the mid to upper 70s across central Indiana.  Like yesterday I wouldn’t be surprised to see some fair weather cumulus setting up at times, but for most of the day we should see mostly clear skies.  There will be a wind change today with winds coming in from the South before Noon.  This will help fuel warmer temperatures with Indianapolis’ forecast high about 5 degrees warmer than the 69 we hit yesterday.

  • Mild, Pleasant Weather Arrives

    May 10, 2012

    Welcome to another day in paradise.  Today should start a stretch of three days where we will see low humidity levels and pleasant afternoons.  I like to call the mornings “crisp.”  You may want to grab a light jacket as it will be a little cool both this morning and Friday morning with overnight lows falling below 50 degrees.  This morning is the first time we have fallen below 50 degrees this month and the last time we saw temperatures this cool to start a day was April 29th.

  • There's A Chance For Rain Today

    May 9, 2012

    There will be a small chance for rain later on tonight for parts of Central Indiana.  This will be the best chance through Sunday evening for us to see some rain.  Thursday through Saturday will be mostly clear with a ridge of high pressure that will be right on top of us.  As the ridge slides from the west to the East we will see our winds change. 

  • Strong Storms Possible On Monday

    May 6, 2012

    Another wonderful weekend day expected with rain holding off until Monday.  Sunday highs will be ni the mid 80s with a sun/cloud 50-50 mix.  Winds today will be out of the East at about 5 – 10mph.  We have been talking about an active weather pattern over the past couple of days and it would appear that we can finally see the end of this small chance for almost daily rain on Tuesday morning.  But this active pattern will not end without a big bang and we have a chance for severe weather beginning on Monday and continuing through Tuesday morning.

  • Rain And Storms Likely For Today and Saturday

    May 4, 2012

    The weekend forecast is coming into more focus today and it looks to be both wet and hot.  Temperatures both Saturday and Sunday will hit the mid 80s with a chance for some stronger storms to roll through on Saturday.  The rain & storm chances really begins going up as early as this afternoon and will continue through the later Saturday hours. 

  • Record Heat Possible For Today

    May 3, 2012

    We are finally getting a better sense of what you can expect this weekend.  While I still have low confidence in our forecast not changing, things are beginning to get a lot less confusing.  At this point it appears that we will see some rain and storms on Friday.  There is already a slight risk (hail main concern) for Friday.  Rain chances will continue into your weekend with Saturday morning seeing the best chance for rain.  At this point we cannot pin down if there will or will not be any rain around for the mini due to just how touchy this forecast is.  I’d plan no dressing for at the least a wet course.

  • Break From Rain For Central Indiana Today

    May 2, 2012

    What a wild day of weather we had on Tuesday.  Several round of intense rain fell across central Indiana with nearly an inch and a half of rain falling in Indianapolis.  There were about fifty storm reports issued from the NWS including several reports of funnel clouds and or tornadoes.  One of those tornadoes, the one around the New Ross area was captured by S.W.A.T., our storm chase partners. 

  • Chance for Severe Weather Today and Tomorrow

    April 29, 2012

    The active weather pattern continues over the next 7 days with our 7 day forecast only forecasting one day with rain free conditions.  Every other day including today will have at least a chance for rain and things are so unsettled even the one rain free day could change as we get in more accurate information.  Just like yesterday there is going to be a chance for severe weather across the southern edge of the state today.  By tomorrow the severe threat will swing north and include portions of Central Indiana.

  • Rain Likely This Weekend

    April 28, 2012

    There remains a lot of uncertainty in this weekend’s forecast as we find ourselves at the mercy of a slow moving nearly stationary front.  Where the front goes will impact Indiana greatly with places north of the location will see unseasonably cool weather while those south of the front will see temperatures close to their seasonal average temperature.

  • Rain Likely Both Saturday And Sunday

    April 27, 2012

    A very difficult forecast over the next couple of days as model data isn’t agreeing on anything.  The forecast itself will be unsettled just like the weather over the next 7 days with frequent changes on the 7 day to reflect the latest thinking.  Hopefully we will soon get a better handle of exactly how things will play out.  For now we can just give our best guesses as to what to expect.  My forecast is going to be on the warm side of most you’ll see today due to what I call a very warm “core” temperature.  This is the temperature at 850mb or just above the surface.  This temperature is the starting point to come up with daily highs each day and if everything else was normal these temperatures would indicate we’d be into the 70s beginning on Saturday and continuing through the next week.

  • Severe Weather Today with a Hard Freeze Tomorrow In Indiana

    April 26, 2012

    Severe weather one day and hard freezes the next for Indiana right now.  Severe storms rolled through Southern Indiana over the past day and as they are moving out of the state other parts of the state are gearing up for another round of freezing weather.  Here in Central Indiana we are right in the middle of it all.  We missed out on the severe weather and really who is complaining about that?  Looks like we will also miss out on the cold snap as well with forecast Indianapolis temperatures just above freezing for Friday morning.  Some places like Kokomo may see a freeze warning go into effect but that would likely be it.  Winds should remain strong enough on Friday morning that we will not see a frost advisory issued.  It will be close though.

  • There's The Potential For Severe Weather Tonight

    April 25, 2012

    There’s a chance for severe weather later on today.  Spotty showers are around Indiana as we start the day and while there will be a chance for rain throughout the day; if you see rain it won’t last long and won’t last the entire day.  By tonight winds begin to pick up just a bit and rain will start to slide in from the northwest.  While rain is possible today I hope you won’t let it stop you from taking advantage and heading outside.  Temperatures should be in the mid 70s for highs today.  This should be the warmest weather we see over the next 7 days. 

  • A Cold Start Should Make For Nice "Run" Weather For Komen Race For The Cure

    April 21, 2012

    The rain has passed and this morning will be cooler behind the cold front that passed yesterday evening.  Expect temperatures to be down nearly 30 degrees from the same time yesterday at some point this morning.  It could have been worse, as clouds and brisk northerly winds are keeping temperatures up.  We will see an overnight low, however in the low 40s.  The feels like temperature will make it feel like the 30s.

  • Rain Arrives This Afternoon With A Chilly Weekend Expected

    April 20, 2012

    Grab the umbrella, some light rain showers and an isolated thunderstorm or two is expected this afternoon and evening here in Central Indiana.  No severe weather is expected with this line of rain.  The rain will be just ahead of and along a cold front that will pass through at around 6pm tonight.  This will also mean a cooler weekend should be expected across the state.

  • Short Lived Warm-Up Arrives Today

    April 19, 2012

    Warmer weather arrives today as we see a return of the 70s for highs state wide.  If you remember yesterday we talked about how important the winds transporting warmer air were to forecasting our daily highs.  Model data showed the strongest winds from the south setting up northwest of us near Chicago.  Well those strong winds propelled South Bend to a high of 70 yesterday, but Indianapolis hit a high of just 68 degrees.  We all get the strong line of winds today and that means highs in the mid 70s state wide.

  • Warm but Short Lived Surge Of Warm Air Arrives Today

    April 18, 2012

    While you may not notice its arrival a warm front will pass through today, bringing warmer temperatures for the rest of the work week.  Highs today will remain in the 60s but high temperatures both Thursday and Friday will be in the 70s.  The warm-up will be short lived, however, as an early morning cold front on Saturday morning will help usher in cooler temps for the upcoming weekend and beyond.

  • Hot And Steamy Weather Sets In For Today

    April 15, 2012

    Well yesterday was a bust…  It happens.  Rain set up further south than anticipated and the surge of warm air that was expected to push the rain to our north never really materialized.  The good news is even with the busted Saturday forecast things are still in place for an 80 degree day today.  The weather will be rather warm for this time of the year and steamy. 

  • Soggy Weekend For Places North Of Indianapolis

    April 14, 2012

    Weekend rain chances are coming into focus and it looks like a wet and soggy Saturday followed by a mostly dry Sunday for the area.  Saturday rain will be along a warm front with places South of Indianapolis staying mostly dry.  It looks like the line of rain will really straddle communities North of Indianapolis up to Fort Wayne.  This band of rain will most likely include some isolated thunderstorms with the potential for severe (1 inch or larger) hail.  If a thunderstorm warning is issued, it will be due to large hail.

  • Warmer But Wet This Weekend

    April 13, 2012

    We will see some rain this weekend but it won’t be a rainout.  In fact right now if you have outdoor plans on Sunday there’s a good chance rain won’t impact your day at all.  As we wake up this morning rain is in Iowa and Nebraska.  There is also a narrow band of rain falling apart as it reaches Illinois.  While there is a chance for rain today it looks like the chance is only for the late afternoon and evening hours for Central Indiana.  The rest of the day should be nice.

  • Warm-Up and Rain For Weekend

    April 12, 2012

    The cold stretch comes to an end with this being the last day this week we will see temperatures dipping below freezing in many parts of Central Indiana.  By tonight we will see a wind change with winds out of the east.  Friday winds will be out of the South pulling in additional heat and the weekend will see a return of the 70s.

  • Update On Weekend Rain Chances

    April 11, 2012

    You’d have to go all the way back to March 10th to find weather that has been this cold in Indianapolis.  The March 10th low temp was 27 degrees.  This will be the coldest morning we will see over the next 7 days with temperatures most likely remaining just above freezing on Thursday morning.  Highs today will be in the mid fifties with us returning to the 60s for highs to finish out your workweek.  We can now turn our attention to weekend and next week rain chances.

  • Fantastic Weather For Remainder of Your Easter

    April 8, 2012

    Happy Easter!  We did see some light rain in the overnight hours but as expected it wasn’t much.  The rest of the day will be Easter-ific with highs in the mid 60s.  If you loved yesterday expect more of that nice weather for today. 

  • Another Cold Morning Gives Way To Rain Chances by Tomorrow

    April 7, 2012

    The forecast heats up just in time for your Easter holiday weekend.  There is still a concern that you may need the umbrella as you head out to any sunrise services but temperatures won’t be as cold as they have been with clouds and winds limiting temperatures to just the mid to upper 40s.  The feels like temperature (temperatures plus the effect of winds) will be in the low 30s for some places with stronger winds. 

  • Mild Weather Continues into Your Easter Weekend

    April 6, 2012

    A pretty uneventful week with the weather as we see a return of weather more in-line with what we would expect to see for this time of the year.  Highs will be near 60 for most of the week with a couple of days where we will actually see below normal temperatures.  That is something that rarely occurred over the last month and fueled the hottest March ever for Indianapolis.

  • Unseasonably Warm Weather Comes to an End

    April 5, 2012

    Rain will be around today but most people won’t see any of it.  The rain will be concentrated to our south from Bloomington into southern states as an upper level low continues to track through Arkansas and Tennessee.  It is a bit of an unusual feature with the low as we will actually see cold air continuing to push in from the North today.  This is a feature you normally don’t see until after the low has moved east.  By tomorrow the entire forecast area will be looking at frost and the potential for freezing temperatures as low continues east pulling in some of the coolest weather we have seen over the past month.

  • Severe Weather Possible Today

    April 1, 2012

    Strong storms possible today as a series of fronts are expected to move through.  Your rain chances are up as both the warm front and trailing cold front will be stronger than anticipated.  We have now been upgraded to a slight chance for severe weather according to the Storm Prediction Center.  Large hail is the main threat with 1” or greater hail possible.  There is also an additional chance east of Indianapolis to see extremely large hail (2+ inches). 

  • Nice Today With Rain Chances Up for Sunday

    March 31, 2012

    A nicer day today with rain chances returning to the forecast for Sunday afternoon.  Temperatures may be on the cool side for some today as we will see highs near 60 degrees.  Yesterday we hit 78!  Temperatures should be only slightly above the normal temperature for this time of the year.

  • Severe Storms Expected Tonight

    March 30, 2012

    Severe weather will be possible across Central Indiana today along a cold front pulling through this afternoon and evening.  Large hail and destructive straight line winds are the main concern tonight.  Rain showers and a couple of storms will be possible ahead of the severe weather throughout the day.  Today won’t be a washout with hours of dry conditions.  Spotty showers will give little to no warning of their arrival though so your outdoor lunch may be disturbed by a passing shower.

  • Pleasant Weather Continues Today

    March 29, 2012

    Another pleasant day expected today with highs a little cooler than yesterday’s 75.  High temperatures should be in the mid to upper 60s for highs today with clear skies.  A secondary cold front is the reason for the slightly cooler weather today when comparing highs with yesterday’s high temperatures.  This morning winds are out of the northeast where they should remain through the day.  Tonight winds return to a southeasterly flow and should be enough to pull in moisture and heat from the south.

  • June Heat Returns Today

    March 28, 2012

    A surge of warm air this morning will propel highs into the 70s once again today.  Generally we expect to see 70s for highs in early June.  This will mark the 13th day this month that we have seen 70s or above.   This month will go down as the warmest March ever for Indianapolis and it won’t even be close.

  • Freeze Watches Issued For Parts of Central Indiana

    March 25, 2012

    Winter is not done yet!  In fact freeze watches have been issued for parts of Central Indiana due to temperatures nearing the freezing point.  Areas with the biggest concerns continue to be places off to the Northeast of Indianapolis like Muncie.  In Indianapolis, Bloomington and Lafayette you should expect temperatures to fall below the frost point.  This temperature can also be deadly or highly destructive to fragile plants.

  • Isolated Rain and Storms Possible Today

    March 24, 2012

    Areas of rain and isolated storms will continue across the state today.  Limited sunshine and rain-cooled air will keep our temperatures down from the record heat earlier this week…Although we are cooler; we remain above average for late March.  This cut-off low (rain-maker) will slowly work east and take the rain with it by late Sunday!  Next week looks mild again but no 80s are expected…No need to rush into summer!

  • Severe Weather Possible Today

    March 23, 2012

    There is a slight chance for severe weather for a section of Central Indiana today.  It looks like at this point any severe weather will come from the second band that will arrive later this afternoon and last overnight.  Right now it appears large hail and isolated tornadoes will be the main threat.  Gusty winds could also pose a problem overnight along with some flooding concerns.

  • Record Breaking Weather Continues Today

    March 21, 2012

    Another day another record goes down here in Indianapolis.  Six of the past seven days have seen record highs for the city and across the state.  It’s become commonplace to see 100 year old records shattered over the past week and at this point there is about a 99.9 percent chance of seeing the warmest March ever for Indianapolis.  The warmest average temperature for March is 51.9 degrees set in 1910.  The average temperature so far for this March is 54.5.  As crazy as it is, we fully expect the monthly average temperature to go up from here.  It won’t be close; we will shatter the average temperature record for March.

  • Morning Storms Give Way To Afternoon Heat

    March 18, 2012

    There continues to be a chance for some storms Sunday morning before we settle back into the daily heat driven storms for the afternoon.  A small mid level disturbance is passing through this morning and has already sparked a couple of strong storms including the storm that forced the Indianapolis National Weather Service to issue a severe thunderstorm for the city of Indianapolis.

  • Record Highs Again Possible Today

    March 16, 2012

    More warmth and heat expected today with another good chance for record highs for Indiana.  Temperatures should reach into the 80s once again in Indianapolis and across the state.  This could be the third day in a row with highs in the 80s, and it really looks like we will continue to see 80 degree plus weather through early next week.

  • Sun and Now Rain Expected Through Weekend

    March 15, 2012

    UPDATE--  Big portion of Central Indiana has been upgraded to a slight risk of severe weather.  Large hail is the mani threat.  Tornado threat is low. 

  • Record Highs Possible Today and This Weekend

    March 14, 2012

    Record breaking heat will be possible over the next couple of days.  For today we have a high of 80 degrees expected, which is a degree above the record high for the day.  Looks like there will be a good chance to either break or equal that high.

  • Preliminary Information Out On "Devastating" Henryville Tornado

    March 4, 2012

    Here is the early and at this time incomplete storm report coming out of the Louisville, KY National Weather Service Office.  While many details, like the exact track of the tornados, hasn't yet been released there are a couple of interesting nuggets of information in just the preliminary findings.  The NWS says two separate tornados moved through within ten minutes of each other a number of these communities. 

  • Another Round Of Severe Weather Expected Friday

    March 1, 2012

    Gorgeous weather expected once again today.  Highs won’t near 70 like what we saw yesterday, but they will continue to be unseasonably warm.  Your Indianapolis forecast has the high in the mid to low 50s with clear afternoon skies.  Winds will be gusty before Noon, with wind gusts below 25mph for the remainder of the day. 

  • What to Expect With Today's Severe Weather

    February 29, 2012

    A large storm system is working its way across the area this morning with wind, rain, thunderstorms and warmth!  Rain and storms should ease late morning/early afternoon from west to east!  Winds will remain gusty as warmth holds across the state.  A quick shot of dry air will work in through Thursday before we reload the atmosphere for another round of rain and storms on Friday!  This could be a prelude to our spring season with lots of rain/storms and unseasonably mild temperatures.

  • Here's Why I am Calling This Winter as Done!

    February 26, 2012

    Not a lot of good news for winter lovers.  It looks like the 2011-2012 wintertime is going to be one of those where we basically say winter failed to show up.  Here’s the numbers so far?  Temperatures have run about 5 degrees warmer (5.433 degrees as of February 25th) than average for the winter season.  Rain totals are lagging behind the average since the first of the year by .32”.  However, if you go back through December we are actually 1.61” ahead of the average rain for the time period.  Snow continues to lag and we could actually make a run at a top ten finish for least amount of snowfall.  the tenth spot on the top ten is held by the 1893 - 1894 season where they only recorded 9.7 inches of snow.  I give us about a 35 percent chance of besting that number this season.  At this time, we have only seen 9.1 inches of snow for the season.  That's just a difference of 0.6".  Last year we were up to 35.9 inches of snow at this time of the year.  Overall the average snowfall total for this time of the year is 22.6”.  This puts us at 13.5” behind the average amount.  Finally only twice all year long have we seen more than an inch of snow on the ground.  On the 13th and 14th of January Indianapolis recorded 2 inches of snow on the ground.

  • Up and Down Weather Pattern Calms Down For Next Week

    February 25, 2012

    The up and down weather pattern will continue this week with a high of only 35 degrees expected for this Saturday with mid week highs hitting 60!  Overall the next seven days should see plenty of sun with a major storm system arriving in the middle of the week.  Ahead of the system temperatures will be unseasonably warm to end February.  Behind the storm system temperatures will be much colder to end the week.

  • Snow and Strong Winds For Today

    February 24, 2012

    Indiana missed the stormy weather that was possible on Thursday and it looks like for the most part Central Indiana will also miss out on most of the snow falling today across the Midwest.  What the central part of the state won’t miss out on is going to be one windy day.  In fact wind gust may top 40 mph! 

  • Severe Weather Possible Today

    February 23, 2012

    Severe weather chances go up for this afternoon as large hail and strong straight line winds will be possible for parts of the area.  The severe weather risk will be confined to what we call the “warm sector.”  This is the area just south of a warm front that is near a surface low.  Generally this is where instability along with sheer, the two main drivers of severe weather, is the greatest.  It’s also the place where temperatures will surge into the mid 60s for highs.  Expect cities like Bloomington and Seymour to see highs in the mid 60s.  Places further north like Indianapolis and Lafayette will spend significantly less time in the warm sector and temperatures should remain about 10 degrees cooler.

  • A Weekend Cold Dip Happens This Weekend

    February 22, 2012

    Temperatures are a lot like gas prices lately…all over the place!  Another small swing upward is forecasted today and Thursday.  And if conditions are just right, 60s are attainable by tomorrow afternoon!  Also, the rain threat looks minimal the next few days, spotty at best.  However, a deeper shot of colder air arrives on Friday and with that comes more rain, perhaps mixing with snow by the early afternoon!  This will lead to a cooler weekend.  The cold weekend air won’t stay for the start of the workweek as Monday highs could hit 50.

  • Quick Look At Work Week Forecast

    February 19, 2012

    The up and down weather pattern will continue this week with a couple of days looking at highs in the 50s but also a chance for snow during the colder time of the day.  Overall no major snows should occur with anything falling not sticking around for more than a couple of hours.

  • Cooler Weather Returns For The Weekend

    February 17, 2012

    Morning fog should give way to afternoon sunshine today.  Mild weather will continue with slightly cooler temperatures moving in for the weekend.  There is a small chance for some weekend snow for places well south of Indianapolis this weekend.  The chance for snow at this point is not very good.

  • A Look Ahead...

    February 16, 2012

    Rain won’t stick around for too long today as it will give way to milder weather and even some clear skies by later this afternoon.  Until we reach the afternoon hours though, you may want to keep the umbrella handy as we will have at least an isolated chance for some rain.

  • Here's a Rundown of What You Can Expect With Snow

    February 13, 2012

    Snow is set to arrive a little earlier than expected.  In fact snow is already moving through Illinois at 7am and will continue to move East at a pretty good clip.  I expect that some of Indiana could begin seeing snow as early as Noon today with Indianapolis seeing snow arriving before the evening rush hour.

  • Two Chances For Snow Over Next 7 Days

    February 12, 2012

    The cold weather will give way to milder weather and some snow beginning tomorrow.  Today will remain cold though as for the second day in a row temperatures will fail to hit the freezing mark.  Saturday’s high temperature for Indianapolis was just 22 degrees.  The forecast high for today is 30°.

  • Cold Air Arrived Overnight

    February 11, 2012

    It’s the coldest weekend yet this year as cold arctic air rolled in overnight.  Today will mark just the 6th day this year where high temperatures will fail to reach 30 degrees.  Tomorrow could mark the 7th day with a high of just 30 projected. 

  • Accumulating Snow And Frigid Temps Heading our Way

    February 10, 2012

    Winter makes its return this winter with morning lows falling to single digits on both Saturday and Sunday for parts of Central Indiana.  Before the colder weather gets here we will have another round of snow.  This time accumulations will likely be more than an inch but not much more.  There’s also another better chance for snow on the horizon.

  • Some Signs Signaling More Seasonal Weather Heading our Way

    February 9, 2012

    Winter is set to return for the next couple of days but a prolonged cold, frigid spell is likely not going to happen.  I think a return to more normal weather is going to occur over the final bit of February as one key “winter” index is returning to a more normal pattern.  It’s a pattern that has been understood for centuries by ship captains, but only recently has been used in making short range to “mid range 3 month out” forecast.

  • Snow Won't Stick Around for Long

    February 8, 2012

    Light snow this morning won’t stick around for long.  In fact temperatures for most of the day will be above 32 degrees.  That’s good news for drivers but not so much for those missing the snow.  Some communities could see up to an inch of snow today, but the actual snow on the ground will be at most just over a dusting.

  • Not Just This Past Week Has Been Mild

    February 5, 2012

    All the preparations for the Super Bowl and the ice and snow that could occur….  then nothing.  I don’t think anyone is complaining about the week, but taken into context it is just part of the much larger story of just how mild our winter has been.

  • Off and On Rain Showers Continue Through Tonight

    February 4, 2012

    Rain sticks around through the day and will continue through at least midnight tonight before slowly coming to an end.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we also have a round of light snow flurries before things come to an end on Sunday morning.  Overall precipitation chances will stick around through Sunday morning, but at this point they should be gone by Sunday afternoon.

  • Super Bowl Fears Don't Come True

    February 3, 2012

    It looks like the worst fear of Hoosiers, Mother Nature’s wrath during Super Bowl week, is not going to become reality.  We will have some rain in your forecast for Saturday, especially in the morning hours where we could see half an inch or more rain widespread.  By Sunday the last of the rain will be ending in the morning and Super Bowl day will be cool but nice.  High temperatures should hit the mid 40s with partly cloudy skies. 

  • Shhhh the Jokes On The Groundhog...

    February 2, 2012

    It’s Groundhog Day!  Shhhh, no one tell Punxsutawney Phil but winter never even got going this year.  Normally at this time of the year Indianapolis would have seen more than sixteen inches of snow.  This year we haven’t even gotten to seven inches of snow.  Last year at this time we were nearing 30 inches already!  No surprise the forecast is for Punxsutawney Phil to NOT see his shadow this year.

  • Even Behind Cold Front Temps Remains Above Seasonal Average

    February 1, 2012

    Rain is done with for the day.  Clouds are already clearing and the rest of the day should feature plenty of sun and not as much in the way of windy conditions.  Even behind the morning cold front highs will still hit the mid 50s today.  The rest of the work week will be dry with plenty of clouds.  Super Bowl weekend will bring with it a chance for rain.  It won’t be much but there is a chance.

  • Record Warmth Possible Today

    January 31, 2012

    Temperatures will near record highs today.  The unseasonably warm weather will stick around through the weekend.  Highs today will likely hit the 60s with highs in the 50s for the rest of the week.  Super Bowl week weather continues to impress with now only a small chance for some snow over the next 7 days.

  • Quick Look At The Forecast for the Week

    January 30, 2012

    A warm-up should occur beginning today, and it will last through most of the week.  It looks like the next several days should be relatively uneventful when it comes to the weather.  The key concern being just how strong winds become downtown.  On Sunday a 51 mph wind gust was recorded downtown.  Winds will once again be windy today, but shouldn’t be as windy as what we saw yesterday.  Winds will be strongest this afternoon coming in from the southwest at 10 – 20 mph.  Wind gusts should top 30 mph.

  • More Snow Heading our Way

    January 29, 2012

    Another round of snow expected today.  It won’t be much and should pose only minimal inconveniences to travelers.  Overall winds will most likely be the big story today as they will remain strong.  This means temperatures will feel like it’s freezing to below freezing throughout the day.

  • Here Comes the Snow

    January 28, 2012

    As snow arrives this morning the big question is just how much will stick.  Temperatures this morning should remain at or just above freezing here in Indianapolis, which isn’t a good environment for sticking snow.  Model guidance suggests even places like Lafayette will remain at or just over freezing for the duration of the snow.  So while snow totals will likely hit an inch a half for Lafayette and about an inch for Indianapolis the more important question may just be how much sticks and makes it to the afternoon?

  • Rain Moves Out, Snow Chance Remains

    January 26, 2012

    Rain is coming to an end and we are continuing to eye another couple of rounds of snowfall heading our way.  The first round will arrive later on tonight and we could see minor accumulations from that.  The second will hit over the weekend and another round of minor accumulating snow will be possible.

  • Rainfall will move in to the southern part of our viewing area this afternoon and into the evening hours. Locations north of Indianapolis will only see isolated showers and a wintry mix later on tonight.

    January 25, 2012

    Rain chances going up this afternoon and throughout the evening hours.  Not everyone will see some rain, places like Lafayette and Kokomo will likely only see some light snow and sleet and that will be it.  It won’t be much.  Bloomington’s rain chances will begin going up after 3pm.  Indianapolis’ rain chances will begin after 6pm tonight.

  • More Severe Weather On Way

    January 22, 2012

    For the second time this week there will be a chance for severe weather in Central Indiana as strong storms are set to roll through first thing on Monday morning.  For most people you’ll be asleep as the storms arrive and will just be waking up as they are leaving the state.  Strong winds, large hail and even an isolated tornado will all be possible as these storms pass through.

  • A Closer Look At This Weekend's Forecast

    January 21, 2012

    Another busy weather weekend, our high temperatures will near 50 degrees on Sunday.  Even with the warmer weather expected to arrive on Sunday we are expecting at least a little snow both Sunday morning and Monday morning.

  • Cold and Snow Stick Around in Your Short Term Forecast

    January 18, 2012

    So long Spring-like weather…Winter is back with some snow chances in the days ahead!  Yesterday’s morning temperatures reached the upper 50s in central Indiana, today were starting in the upper teens.  Snow chances will go up a bit in the days ahead but no significant amounts are expected.  This winter has been topsy-turvy, with rather warm stretches followed by quick snow bursts and shallow pools of arctic air.  Long –range models show much of the same for the next few weeks.  Question is: Will we be in a mild period or arctic period for Super Bowl week?  Let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst…Regardless, this winter has been very kind then the previous two!

  • Looking Ahead to the Weekend

    January 16, 2012

    So Monday is the furthest point to the next weekend so just to tease you a bit I wanted to talk a little about what this upcoming weekend is shaping up to look like.  The good news is while there remains a chance for rain this upcoming weekend all your hard work this week should pay off in a weekend where both days will be conducive for outside activities.  What more can you ask for in January in Indiana?

  • Brief Warm-Up Today Before Another Cool Down

    January 15, 2012

    While we are waking up this morning to winter like weather, mild weather is going to try and attempt to return to the forecast over the next couple of days.  In fact by Tuesday morning 50s will be possible before another big dip in temperatures occurs for the middle of the work week.

  • Have an Event Coming Up This Week? Here's a Quick Look At Next Week's Forecast

    January 14, 2012

    This weekend will stay cold with highs near 30 both Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday will be the colder of the two days with temperatures in the mid 20s for highs but Sunday wake up temperatures will likely be a little cooler than Saturday’s morning temperatures.

  • What To Expect With Snow

    January 12, 2012

    It’s the calm before the snow and while snow totals won’t be very large, winds and falling temperatures won’t make driving conditions any better.  In fact we are expecting a pretty nasty environment for motorist Friday morning due to overall conditions.

  • Weather Goes From Mild to Cold

    January 11, 2012

    Well winter had to show up at some point and we are now locked into much colder weather setting up here on Thursday and Friday.  While snow possibilities will remain the leading weather headline over the next day or so the drop in temperatures should really be right next to it.  At this point we’re tied for the 10th warmest month on record ever for January here in Indianapolis.

  • Cold Weather Arrives This Week

    January 8, 2012

    I’ve been talking a little bit about our weekend luck as of late.  In fact this winter we have yet to see a weekend go by without temperatures either Saturday or Sunday hitting 40 degrees.  Yesterday in fact several viewers asked if we could keep this mild weather around for the entire winter season.  Well to answer the question no, there’s going to be some cold spells over the next 6 weeks and in fact the next cold blast is beginning to really come into focus.  It will begin on Thursday and while temperatures will be up and down over the next 7 days it looks like several days will flirt with the coldest weather of the season.  Snow also continues to mostly be hit or miss during this period but there are a couple of times where we could see some significant snow on the 15 day outlook.  That’s a first for this season as we haven’t seen much and models haven’t forecast that much.

  • Another Nice yet Mild Weather Day

    January 7, 2012

    If it seems like we’ve had a recent run of nice weekends that is because we actually have.  Amazing that this far into the cold season we have yet to see a weekend that didn’t feature at least one of the weekend days hitting 40 degrees.  Not only that but out of the 9 weekend days in December, four of them we saw temperatures above 45 degrees.

  • Unseasonably Warm Weather For Today

    January 6, 2012

    Unusually warm weather will stick around for the next week here in Central Indiana.  You’d actually have to go all the way back to the first of last January to find the last time we hit the 50s during this month, but even then is a special case.  The 55 was hit at midnight and temperatures dropped through the rest of the day.  In fact the low reached late in the day was just in the 20s.  The rest of the month was brutally cold with highs averaging just in the 20s. 

  • Busy Weather Day Today

    January 1, 2012

    WIND ADVISORY:  7AM TO 10PM  Wind gusts topping 50mph in Indianapolis.  Even stronger winds to the North of Indy.

  • Mild Weather Stretches Into New Year

    December 31, 2011

    We will end 2011 fairly uneventful weather wise with mild weather lasting through midnight.  Cloudy and windy conditions expected for those going out to celebrate the beginning of 2012 and while the fireworks will be going off at midnight, weather changes will wait until the sun comes up to really take effect.

  • Temperatures Remain Mild Through New Year

    December 30, 2011

    Thursday was a wild weather day in which we saw temperatures hit 50 degrees along with snow and sleet reports.  In fact sleet reports were coming in at the same time temperatures were in the mid to upper 40s!  The only way that could happen is if you sliced and looked at the atmosphere vertically, you would have had a relatively warm layer on top.  Just below this relatively warm sector was a sub freezing layer, followed by the thin warm sector at the surface.  This was where air temperatures were on their way to 50 degrees.  An extremely dry atmosphere, with dew points 10 to 15 degrees colder than the atmospheric temperature, also helped preserve any sleet falling through the process of evaporational cooling.  Winds and clear skies dominated the late afternoon hours.

  • Weekend Warm-Up Won't Last Long

    December 28, 2011

    Despite snow on the ground across the area our forecast for today is still for a high of 37 degrees.  This is a couple of degrees warmer than places with an inch or more of snow on the ground.  In those communities you can expect high temperatures to be closer to the freezing mark. 

  • Lack Of Snow Leads To Near Top Ten Finish For December Warmest Month

    December 27, 2011

    Taking a break from all the snow talk this morning you may have noticed this December has been a tad bit warmer than last year.  In fact the mild weather is the main reason we haven’t seen plenty of snowfall so far this season and it looks like mild weather will continue through at least the middle of January.  One of the big differences this year as compared to last year has been total snowfall across the United States.

  • Two to Four Inches of Snow Now Possible For Parts of Central Indiana

    December 26, 2011

    At this point you should begin preparing for a minor snow event to occur within the next 24 to 36 hours.  Generally how this will work is anything below 6 inches of snow expected will only require a special advisory from the NWS.  Anything more than 6 inches we would expect to see a winter storm watch issued between 48 and 24 hours and a warning issued with less than 24 hours left.  In this case we expect to have a special winter advisory issued sometime today for the event.

  • Snow Chances Up At Beginning of Work Week

    December 24, 2011

    The only white Christmas we will be seeing this year is in our dreams as snow chances are moving out with the clouds this morning in Indiana.  In fact mild weather is going to set up for your Christmas weekend with highs in the low 40s today and the mid to upper 40s for Christmas day.

  • Weekend Should Be Dry

    December 23, 2011

    Not much in the way of hope for a white Christmas this morning, but above average temperatures should make it possible for the kids to head outside to try out all their new Christmas toys.  At this time it looks like the next chance for some rain and or snow will be on Monday into Tuesday.  Model data is divided on if we see any rain at all though during this time.

  • If You're Wanting A White Christmas The News Isn't Good

    December 22, 2011

    There’s a chance for an isolated snow shower or two overnight tonight but at this time it doesn’t seem like it will be a lot.  Model data is showing overall about .04 inches of precip falling overnight.  Only .02 or less of that will fall as snow meaning we could see perhaps a fifth to two fifths of an inch of snow in some spots.  Indianapolis will likely get a light dusting of snow that will not stick around very long due to the warmer than average temperatures we have seen over the past month.

  • Slow Start Of Winter Has Us Watching The Record Books

    December 18, 2011

    We haven’t seen much in the way of snow this month and in fact it looks like we are going to make a run at the top ten for the least amount of snow this December.  Currently right now for the month we have seen only a trace amount of snow.  This is something that has only occurred three times before now.  There is still about 2 weeks to go before the end of the month so plenty of time for snow, but as of this morning, medium range models are showing only a small chance for snow for the remainder of the month.  This can quickly change though.  Right now it looks like we will be below the monthly average for snow this month.  I give us a 25 percent chance for finishing the month in the top 4 least snowy Decembers.  Finally, I give us only a 2 percent chance of us finishing the month with trace amounts of snow.

  • Snow Possible This Morning For Some Parts of Area

    December 17, 2011

    Northwest Indiana is waking up this morning to snow as a weak surface low and associated boundary passes through.  Accumulations will be modest for N. Indiana and as the low tracks across the state it will continue to weaken meaning smaller accumulation numbers for places like Fort Wayne.

  • Unseasonably Warm Weather For Today and Tomorrow

    December 14, 2011

    Rain in the forecast for today but most of the rain will fall in the early morning and late afternoon and evening hours.  Temperatures will be warmer today with an unseasonable high of 58 degrees forecast.  The record high temperature for the day in Indianapolis is 68.  This surge of warm air is due to a warm front that is moving in.  This warm surge of gulf coast air will set the stage for a line of rain and isolated storms later on tonight.

  • Another Cold Day Despite Plenty of Sun

    December 11, 2011

    You can’t tell this morning, but a slow warming trend has begun here in Central Indiana.  Yesterday morning’s temperatures fell to 15 degrees in the city and 14 on the city’s North side.  This morning we are seeing temperatures closer to the twenties.  Monday lows will be in the mid 20s.  We can thank a ridge of high pressure passing just to our East for the warming trend and the clear skies. 

  • Meteorological Winter Gets Off To Slow Start

    December 8, 2011

    La Nina winters are generally slightly colder and slightly wetter than normal and El Nino years.  This year we are in a moderate La Nina and while our seasonal forecast is for cooler and wetter we haven’t really seen it play out that way to start the area’s winter season. 

  • Rain Has Arrived, Will Stick Around Through Monday

    December 4, 2011

    Off and on rain expected to continue throughout the day today.  Places that will see the most rain will be communities South and East of Indianapolis.  If you’re Northwest of Indianapolis it looks like you will have some big breaks today from rain before rain lifts back in overnight tonight. 

  • Rain Chances Going Up Beginning Today

    December 3, 2011

    A nice start to the weekend with highs returning to the fifties.  I have bumped temperatures up to the upper 50s due to strong southerly winds which I think will play a big role in our weather over the next couple of days.  These winds (called a low level jet) will also pull in gulf moisture from the South.  This moisture could potentially fuel heavy rains that would swell already swollen rivers in the area.

  • Today Will Be Cooler Than Yesterday

    December 2, 2011

    A busy weather weekend ahead, with warmer weather and the chance for rain in your forecast.  We wake up this morning with temperatures slightly warmer than Thursday but highs will likely not hit the Thursday high of 45.  Temperatures will likely top out in the low 40s as a cold front rolls through in the morning hours.  The front moves through dry here with rain and snow occurring in Michigan.  Winds behind the front will be out of the Northwest just briefly before front swings through again as a warm front later on tonight. 

  • Temperatures Near Seasonal Average Today

    December 1, 2011

    We started the day with the coldest temperatures of the year this morning, and you’d have to go back as far as last March to find a morning this cold.  The cold weather is going to stick around with highs today close to the seasonal average of 44.  As we start the day there is a concern with slick spots on roads and bridges as patchy fog has developed in some areas. 

  • Snow Has Ended, Cold Weather Just Arriving

    November 30, 2011

    The first significant snowfall of the season has dropped more than an inch of snow in some communities overnight here in Indiana.  For central Indiana snow totals were more modest than what was seen in Northern Indiana with communities on the city’s Northwest side seeing 2 – 3 inches of snow compared to just 0.2 inches of snow reported at the city’s airport on the Southwest side of town.  Some communities on the cities Southeast side report no accumulation at all and little snow overall.

  • Rain Chances Remain Through Tuesday

    November 27, 2011

    Rain will fall all day today in Indianapolis and points southeast of the city.  For communities north of Indianapolis, there may be some late afternoon, evening and overnight breaks.  Here in Indianapolis rain totals for just today should be close to an inch.  An additional inch to perhaps two inches of rain will be possible Monday night through Tuesday. 

  • Another Mild Day With Rain Heading Our Way

    November 26, 2011

    Big changes in the short term forecast as snow chances have gone way down this weekend.  Temperatures in the atmosphere will be too warm for snow, which is actually a good thing because our expected rain amounts are going to be relatively large.

  • Another Mild Day With Rain Heading our Way

    November 26, 2011

    Big changes in the short term forecast as snow chances have gone way down this weekend.  Temperatures in the atmosphere will be too warm for snow, which is actually a good thing because our expected rain amounts are going to be relatively large.

  • A Wild Weather Ride This Weekend For Hoosiers

    November 25, 2011

    The sun returns today after making a late day appearance on Thanksgiving.  Sunshine and fairly strong winds out of the South should warm temperatures to the upper 50s to 60 today.  The warm-up won’t last long, however, as a cold front and upper trough will help us to see our first extended blast of winter beginning Sunday and continuing through next week.

  • Could The First Big Snow Of Season Be Just A Week Away?

    November 23, 2011

    A quiet couple of days during the Thanksgiving break, but beginning this weekend the weather headlines will really get going.  As of this morning our first big snow of the year could be just a week away, but there is a lot of uncertainty and model disagreement on just how things will play out.

  • Cold Front Passing Through Right Now

    November 20, 2011

    Cold front passing through area this morning means these warm temperatures won’t stick around too much longer.  In fact high temperatures have already been met today.  Over the next couple of days keep the umbrella handy as there will be a chance for rain.

  • A Mixed Bag Of Weather This Weekend

    November 19, 2011

    We’ve had a nice run of pleasant weekend lately with the last significant rain falling during weekend daylight hours occurring on the 19th and 20th of last month.  Since then every weekend has had a day that has hit the 60s along with mostly dry conditions.  That is set to change this weekend as we may not see the 60s and rain could be pesky for your Sunday.  The good news is you can grab the light jacket today and be comfortable with pleasant outdoor conditions.

  • Cold Blast Won"t Stick Around For Too Much Longer

    November 18, 2011

    With the cold start to the day you may be surprised to know we are already seeing signs of warming in the atmosphere.  Temperatures this weekend will rebound to the 50s and possibly 60s just ahead of another cold front pushing through a broken line of rain.

  • Colder Today and to Start Your Friday

    November 17, 2011

    The coldest air yet this season has arrived and will pull morning lows down into the 20s both this morning and Friday morning.  This cold pool won’t stick around for too long as we once again will warm up to near 60 degrees this weekend.

  • Colder weather is set to move in

    November 16, 2011

    Temperatures snapped back to a more seasonal 58 degrees yesterday behind the severe set-up that greeted us on Monday.  For today another cold front has already passed through, meaning temperatures will be slowly falling throughout the day today.  High temperatures have already been reached for the day, and winds are now out of the North.  This is proof a cold front has passed through.  Both Thursday and Friday will be cooler due to an arctic air mass that will be in place.  Some of the coldest temperatures yet this year will be possible overnight tonight and tomorrow night as hard freezes are expected to occur.  Even temperatures inside Indianapolis (generally a couple of degrees warmer than surrounding area) will fall to the mid 20s. 

  • Windy, warm with some rain by the end of the day

    November 13, 2011

    Tie down the hats and the toupee it’s going to be a heck of a windy voyage today and tomorrow.  Winds will gust up to 45 mph today and due to that there is a wind advisory in effect.  The advisory goes through 7pm tonight.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see another wind advisory issued for tomorrow as winds will still be fairly strong. 

  • Warmer Today With Rain Holding Off Just Long Enough For You To Enjoy The Weekend

    November 12, 2011

    You may be shocked as you step outside today with temperatures way up from yesterday.  In fact yesterday we had a high of 47 degrees.  That was bested by 1am on Saturday morning as temperatures jumped to 49 degrees in Indianapolis.  This weekend once again will be nice with high temperatures both today and Sunday in the 60s.  Mostly clear skies with winds gusting to the 30s. 

  • No More Snow Today But Cold Weather Remains

    November 11, 2011

    After the snow yesterday things calm down a bit today.  We started the day with the coldest temperatures of the season with every community in central Indiana falling to below 30 degrees.  For Indianapolis, this was the first time since March 31st that we have dropped below 30.  High temperatures will remain below the seasonal average of 55 today.  For the city we should hit a high near 50 degrees. 

  • Cold and clear morning, Cloudy with a chance for snow tonight

    November 10, 2011

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.  I can say I am actually looking forward to snow tonight because it won’t be sticking.  I don’t think I will be nearly as excited about snow chances next month when we are inevitably looking at amounts over 5 inches at some point.  For tonight though, any snow you see won’t be enough to stick.  Roads won’t be affected by the snow as their temperatures are still too warm.  So this is a snow that we can all enjoy.

  • Rain Today, Cold Tomorrow

    November 9, 2011

    Rain is expected to fall all day long with the heaviest of the rain happening first thing in the morning.  Light misting to light rain will continue to be possible through the afternoon and early evening hours but the chance for rain will be highest this morning.  By this afternoon temperatures will be falling and winds will be fairly strong.

  • Warmer Weather Arrives Today

    November 6, 2011

    The warm-up is happening right now with temperatures a good 10 to 20 degrees warmer than what they were yesterday morning.  The main reason for the warm-up is going to be the placement of a ridge of high pressure along with an area of low pressure settling in to our West.  Winds will be relatively strong at times from the South pumping in moisture (humidity levels) and heat.

  • Nice Weekend Expected...

    November 5, 2011

    A gorgeous weekend setting up with high temperatures slightly above average both today and Sunday.  The average high for this time of the year is 58 degrees.  Highs today should be a degree or two warmer than that.  I have forecast a high of 59 for Indianapolis today.

  • International Space Station can be viewed Friday night

    November 4, 2011

    You may be surprised to know a couple of times a month the International Space Station is located perfectly to be viewed right here in Indianapolis.  One of those times is Friday night, right around sunset.  For about four minutes, a bright object that looks like a star will shoot across our sky.  Oddly enough this is also one of the best times to view the ISS as the sun’s reflection is at its peak.

  • Rain Is Gone, Sunshine Returns

    November 4, 2011

    At least the weekend will be dry for the Monumental Marathon going on this weekend.  It will be a cool start to the day on Saturday with morning temperatures falling to near or below freezing Saturday morning.  The Monumental marathon begins at 8am with roads shutting down an hour before races are set to arrive. 

  • Rain Headed Our Way

    November 3, 2011

    Here comes the rain.  Tracking rain arriving by Noon today in Indianapolis and even earlier than that South and West of the city.  Rain could be intense at times with some isolated areas off to the west seeing more than 5 inches of rain.  We are expecting some communities to close in on 2 inches of rain right here in Central Indiana today, but only in isolated areas.  It does look like places south of Indianapolis will see the most rain.  Indianapolis should see about 3 quarters of an inch of rain.

  • Another Gorgeous Day Today With Rain In Your Thursday Forecast

    November 2, 2011

    Another gorgeous day today, with highs near 70.  The day will start off with skies just as clear as they were yesterday before we eventually see some clouds by the end of the day.  By tonight more clouds roll in and by tomorrow afternoon rain chances begin going up.  Most places will see at least a little rain with places South of Indianapolis seeing the potential for over an inch of rain.

  • Weather Cooperates For Halloween

    October 30, 2011

    The Halloween forecast is really coming into focus right now and it’s looking pretty good.  Last week I blogged an “early look at Halloween” forecast.  Not much has changed from that blog.  We still have a small chance for rain but only in the morning hours.  Skies will be mostly clear by the time the trick or treaters head out to get their goodies. 

  • Trick Or treat'ing is good to go this weekend

    October 29, 2011

    It’s the battle of the really cool nicknames this weekend on twitter as Snow-tober is taking on Hallo-weekend for dominance.  In the state it is all about hallo-weekend with mild to cool weather settling in through Monday.  There is going to be a chance for some rain late Sunday into Monday morning but that will be it.  By the time the kids are heading out to trick or treat the weather will be nicewith temperatures in the mid to low 50s.

  • A Mild Weekend, With Low Rain Chances Leading Up To Halloween

    October 28, 2011

    We are looking at a mostly dry forecast leading into your Halloween with only a couple of chances for rain.  Better yet the rain chances are for times when most people will likely be inside sleeping, having minimal impact on weekend outdoor activities.  You will need the jacket this weekend, but overall it should be good for whenever you decide to trick- or- treat.

  • Cooler Weather Arrives Late, Still Arrives...

    October 27, 2011

    Well, after a surprising day yesterday with highs hitting the 70s once again, today we won’t get so lucky.  In fact temperatures won’t warm up much today with highs near 50.  Most of the rain has pushed through, but we cannot give the all clear signal just yet.  We continue to see a couple of very small showers around this morning with a more broken line of rain developing in Illinois.  This basically means while you won’t have a good chance for rain at any point through the day you will still have a chance for some rain.

  • Rain in Your Forecast For Today

    October 26, 2011

    Enjoy the weather while you can temperatures will begin to head South beginning tonight and will continue tomorrow.  In fact high temperatures have already been hit today and tomorrow’s highs could struggle to hit 50 degrees.  Overcast and a bit windy with an isolated shower or two being possible down near Bloomington before 3pm.  After 3pm, rain could turn widespread South of Indianapolis slowly lifting north into Indianapolis.  Showers and storms are expected to be heaviest between around 9pm and midnight here in the city.


    October 23, 2011

    Let’s take an early look at this year’s Halloween forecast.  More trick than treats for next Monday with highs near 50!  Sunday looks to be the better night when it comes to trick or treating with highs in the mid to upper 50s.


    October 22, 2011

    After the season’s coldest weather arrived this morning, temperatures will begin to go up once again today.  High temperatures today will be in the mid 60s.  We could hit the 70s by Sunday, but officially the high will be set at 69.  An isolated shower is possible to start your day on Monday with the rest of the day looking nice.  Tuesday will likely be the warmest day of the week with highs in the mid possibly upper 70s.


    October 19, 2011

    Another rainy day expected with rain possible throughout the day.  Some communities will see more than an inch of rain, with most seeing between a half and a full inch of rain.  An additional half of inch of rain will be possible on Thursday before the rain finally comes to an end.


    October 18, 2011

    Some changes in your forecast over the next couple of days.  High temperatures will drop to the low 50s with overcast skies today.  No changes there as we’ve been expecting rain to occur all day today and we should see that.  The changes to the forecast occur on Wednesday and Thursday where rain chances have gone up.  We now expect to see rain all the way through the day on Thursday. 


    October 17, 2011

    Cool weather will greet you as you head out the door today.  Temperatures to start the day are down about 10 to 15 degrees.  This is just the start to a much colder week.  In fact, by Thursday morning temperatures will be flirting with the freezing mark in the city.  Snow flurries could also be falling in some parts of central Indiana.


    October 16, 2011

    Here comes the rain.  While rain chances are fairly small there’s still a chance for some rain this afternoon into the evening hours.  Communities most likely to see the rain are areas North of Indianapolis like Lafayette and Kokomo.  Rain won’t last that long, perhaps up to two hours and winds will certainly shift to the West Northwest behind the rain.  The most notable difference may be the feel of the weather behind the rain as you’ll return to a more cool pattern  instead of the brief day of 70s we should see today. 


    October 15, 2011

    Rain is finally out of the forecast for today with windy conditions continuing.  In fact some communities in Indiana will likely see wind gusts over 40 mph today!  Communities along Lake Michigan will be those most likely to see those strong wind gusts.  For central Indiana, wind gust s will top 30 mph but we aren’t likely to see winds higher than 40mph.  Sustained winds in Indianapolis are expected to be out of the West at 12 to 25 mph.  Saturday highs will hit the low to possibly mid 60s. 


    October 14, 2011

    Tie down those toupees, winds are going to be gusting to over 30mph today!  These winds will help to keep temperatures down to the low 60s even with plenty of sun to start your day.  Peak winds times will be during the early afternoon hours.


    October 13, 2011

    October 2011, at least for now, has been one dry month but things are going to change beginning today and going over the next 7 days.  You’ll see some rain today and tonight.  The peak time for rain will be late afternoon into the evening hours.  I have the peak time for Indianapolis between 5 and 6 tonight.


    October 9, 2011

    Tropical disturbance could form overnight tonight and actually could come into play when it comes to rain chances in Indiana.  We most likely will not see any rain through Thursday in the city, but some models are showing rain moving inland from Florida and making a line straight for the Hoosier state.  This could mean areas just East of Indy could see some rain as soon as Tuesday.  If a tropical storm does develop off the Florida East coast it would be named Rina. 


    October 8, 2011

    We won’t have too many more weekends like this for this year.  Highs remaining in the mid 80s today with clear skies and light winds out of the Southeast.  This pleasant weather will stick around for a bit as Sunday highs will also be in the mid 80s.  Slightly cooler for the start of the workweek with highs in the low 80s.


    October 7, 2011

    More summer heat today stretching into the weekend.  At least at this point our next chance for rain is beginning to come into better focus.  For today the average high is 69 degrees but just like the previous couple of days we will likely be 10 to 15 degrees warmer than that.  Expect high temperatures near 85 inside the city with temperatures outside of the city a degree or two cooler than that.


    October 6, 2011

    Another nice day in store for today with highs expected to once again reach into the 80s.  Wednesday highs region wide temperatures were around 80 with only a couple of places like Bloomington not hitting 80 for a high. 


    October 2, 2011

    Check out the map above.  Not only did we see the first frost of the year this morning but we also saw the first major community hitting 32 degrees.  While Monday will be another cool start, it won't be as cool as Sunday morning's temperatures.  In fact we shouldn't see a morning as cool as this morning for over a week.


    October 1, 2011

    This morning looks like it will be the coldest morning we've seen since April 22.  This cold air is expected to stick around through really Monday morning, meaning some really cold weather to start each of the next two mornings. 

  • Severe Weather Season Is Right Around the Corner

    September 26, 2011

  • More Rain Expected Today

    September 25, 2011

    More rain today with scattered rain through the day turning widespread this evening and overnight.  This morning and into the afternoon will see areas of moderate to light rain on radar.  There will be those who hardly see a drop of rain, but there will be others who will hardly get a break from the rain.  Brief periods of sunshine, much like what we saw yesterday, will also occur. 

  • Upper Low Brings Chance for Rain

    September 24, 2011

    Isolated rain has already developed this morning and will turn widespread by the end of the day.  Expect cloudy fall like weather with off and on rain before 5pm.  Some areas, especially West of Indianapolis, will see more rain than areas East of the city.  Model data this morning was showing the potential for more than 4 inches of rain along the Wabash river through Monday morning.  This type of rain would most likely lead to some river flooding.

  • Welcome To Fall!

    September 23, 2011

    While we should get a brief break from rain later on today, rain and overcast conditions are set to be here all weekend long.  Fall began this morning at 5:04 AM.  The first weekend will certainly feel like it with high temperatures struggling to hit the 60s.  Rain and overcast conditions will help keep temperatuers cool over the weekend.

  • The First Weekend Of Fall Will Certainly Feel Like...

    September 22, 2011

    An overnight cold front rolled through last night and behind the front cooler air is now moving in.  This cold air has temperatures down about 15 degrees to start the day and high temperatures will likely be about 10 degrees cooler.  While area saw clear skies overnight some clouds are moving in from the Southwest and we are expecting partly cloudy skies.  There is still a chance for rain later tonight as a secondary front rolls through.  Most models keep us dry though.

  • Rain Continues Through The Night

    September 18, 2011

    Rain will continue throughout the overnight hours and last through a big portion of the day tomorrow.  Overall tonight you may hear a couple of claps of thunder but no severe weather is expected.

  • Slightly Warmer, Remains Overcast For Today

    September 17, 2011

    There’s a small chance for rain through the day today.  If any rain makes it here, moving in from the West, it will likely begin to fall apart while moving through.  Overall, you will likely not need the umbrella until tomorrow evening.

  • A Nice Weekend Ahead

    September 16, 2011

    The weather should cooperate for the weekend.  Slightly warmer, some rain but still nice is a good way to look at.  Overall this morning we find the winds out of the Northeast along with the core of cold air. 


    September 15, 2011

    Yes it’s colder this morning.  Temperatures overall are a good 10 – 15 degrees colder this morning then they were just 24 hours ago.  It’s the product of a powerful cold front pushed through by dense cold Canadian air.  It’s the first volley of weather from our neighbors to the North and while it’s the first it certainly isn’t going to be the last.


    September 10, 2011

    A slight warm-up today with highs in the mid-70s instead of the 60s like we’ve seen for the past 5 days.  This is the start of some warmer weather moving in.  Sunday highs will near the 80s.  By Tuesday highs will be near 90.  The warmer weather won’t stick around long as we end the week with highs back near 70 degrees.


    September 9, 2011

    Broad low continues to churn directly over Indiana.  The North and Western sides of the storm will continue to see the brunt of the active weather with light pesky rain continuing.  Places in Illinois can expect to see rain totals of perhaps a half inch with most places seeing about a tenth.  Here at home it’s unlikely the rain will bring more than a tenth of an inch on average to any one spot.


    September 1, 2011

    It's been one hot summer and it looks like the hot weather is going to continue at least to start your September.  90s returned to the forecast yesterday and will continue today.  We hit 95 for a Wednesday high and today we are calling for highs in the upper 90s.  Forecast Feels Like Temperature Could Top 100.Indianapolis should see a high of 98 degrees.  Slightly cooler but still plenty hot in other areas of Central Indiana.