Remnants of Isaac set to bring rain to Indiana

Jake Miller

5:14 PM CDT, August 29, 2012


The remnants of Isaac could potentially bring severe rain to Central Indiana and if your home isn't prepared, the heavy rain could cause some serious damage.

Experts tell Fox59 that you should make sure your home's gutters and down spouts are clear of debris. You also want to make sure that down spout is three to five feet away from your home. The water that collects could damage your foundation or leak into your crawlspace or basement, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Other areas to check include basement windows and entry points, which should be sealed and covered. Experts also suggest making sure your septic pump has a battery backup.

"Basically you gotta think your house as sitting in a bowl," said Paige Cox of Indiana Foundation Services. "When the ground gets saturated that bowl fills up with water and that water's gotta go somewhere."

Cox said the water can quickly add up.

"It can put a trickle across your floor or you can have a swimming pool in your basement if everything isn't prepared getting the water away from your home."

Indianapolis is alread preparing for the potential downpour. DPW crews were filling sandbags on Wednesday and those will be available to Marion County residents if needed.

City crews will also clear storm inlets throughout the county on Thursday. Crews are asking residents to help by making sure the inlets are clear on the streets around their homes.