Ohio woman finds wedding photo among storm debris

An Ohio woman is trying to track down the owner of a wedding photo that landed in her yard.

CNN Wire

8:24 PM CST, March 6, 2012

Madeira, Ohio


An Ohio woman is trying to track down the owner of a wedding photo that landed in her yard. She believes the picture blew in from Indiana during last week's storms.

Cheryl Murrer, is usually looking for deer outside her kitchen window, but on Saturday something else sparked her interest.

"This is a piece of insulation that caught my eye out my kitchen window... So when it looked like a piece of insulation, I decided to continue to walk," said Murrer.

After looking around, Cheryl also found a wedding picture with a groom and his bride. Ironically, it's a picture that shows so much happiness but in this case brought on so much grief and empathy.

"Because I'm thinking, oh my gosh, I’ve seen it on TV and everything is gone, it's devastation, and then here I find the memory of a wedding, you know, and is this person alive. Are these people still living?"

Murrer said she hopes to one day give this picture back, but it’s unclear in what direction it came from. However, she feels it could be from Indiana, because she also found a check in her backyard.

"I located this check. Paul or Patricia Walden is the name on it from Henryville, Indiana.”

Murrer found a few more items in her backyard that may have also been blown in from the powerful storms. That last item is a piece from a nonfiction book providing an ironic twist to her work to find the owner of the wedding photo.

"The part that reads so easily says 'an intricate pattern of ingenious detective work,' and I just chuckled."

Murrer said she'll continue searching the woods near her home for more storm debris, and she hopes to return anything she finds to its original owners.