Lauren Spierer's parents call out those who last saw her

Rob Spierer: "I hope their failures haunt them for the rest of their lives."

Bloomington, Ind.

As the one year anniversary of Lauren Spierer's disappearance quickly approaches, her parents are back in Bloomington, trying to re-energize the search for her.

Rob and Charlene Spierer sat down with Fox59 Monday, and called out several people who last saw their daughter.

"I think for some reason, they're afraid and I simply don't understand it," said Rob Spierer.

Among the remaining persons of interest is Corey Rossman, who told police he does not remember anything the night Lauren disappeared, because he was punched .

"It's been impossible to get information from Cory Rossman, because he refuses to speak to us," said Rob Spierer.

Rossman's roommate, Mike Beth, has talked with private investigators hired by the Spierers. However, they don't know what to believe since none of the young men have taken police polygraphs.

"They've all refused to take police polygraphs," said Rob Spierer. "Some have taken their own private polygraphs and flaunted that fact, but quite frankly, we're not impressed."

Last fall, the Spierers were able to have a sit down conversation with Jay Rosenbaum, but they said, they left that meeting unsatisfied.

"It wasn't particularly informative for us," said Rob Spierer. "I think, perhaps, he knew what he wanted to say and he said that."

Charlene Spierer expanded on her husband's frustration.

"What Lauren would do is she would go to the police department and she would say, 'Ask me anything. I'm ready and willing and able,'" she said. "So for us, it's just baffling... why we haven't seen the same reaction?"

In the meantime, the Spierers suffer through an agonizing wait, especially to hear if the next body found will belong to their daughter.

"There have been so many people discovered over the course of the last 10 months," said Charlene Spierer. "We've had to face this numerous times and every time it's incredibly difficult."

There have been new leads in the case that give them hope they will find answers soon. Rob Spierer said there are leads being looked into right now. What he hopes for the most, though, is for those that last saw his daughter, to speak up.

When asked what he would say to them, Rob Spierer responded, "I hope that they think about Lauren everyday like we do and I hope that they think about how their failure to act on her behalf had an impact on the circumstances of today. Whether it was a failure to call 911, whether it was a failure to take her to the hospital, whether it was a failure to walk her home, they're all failures. And I hope those are failures that haunt them for the rest of their lives."