Inspectors looking for leaks, problems at local gas pumps

Vanessa McClure

10:31 AM CDT, September 24, 2012



Many Hoosier drivers said gas prices are unpredictable and the economy is keeping them pinching pennies. That is why drivers are paying attention to the fuel inspection stickers popping up at the pump.

The Department of Code Enforcement for the City of Indianapolis inspects every gas pump in Marion County. To date, inspectors have looked at nearly 7,000 of them.

“This is an approval sticker, saying we've approved the pump and it's good for the next year,” explained on inspector as she showed Fox59 what goes into the checkup.

The seal of approval also lists contact information for a recently launched fuel complaint contact hotline and email address.

“It’s to help make consumers more aware that that is a function of the department and they can call in their concerns if they feel they're not getting their money's worth,” said Kate Johnson, public information officer for the Department of Code Enforcement.

Johnson said the 327-FUEL hotline and the email address fuelcomplaints@indy.gov are helping the department identify problem pumps.

Inspectors at the Shell station at Kessler Boulevard and Michigan Road found a pump leaking from the nozzle. They bagged it and gave it a red tag so the pump would be out of service until the station fixed the leak.

Johnson said the inspections protect the environment from leaks protect the consumer from inaccurate pumps.

“One of the issues would be ‘pump jump,’ so if you're just starting to pump gas and you see the money jump up several cents on the screen that would be one of the triggers,” said Johnson.

Johnson suggested printing and checking your receipt to make sure the numbers match what’s on the display. Also, know how much gasoline your tank can hold and make sure the pump doesn’t read more than that.