Hoosiers excited about $500 million Powerball jackpot

Kent Erdahl

10:17 PM CST, November 27, 2012



With $500 million up for grabs, the Powerball jackpot is generating a lot of interest in Indiana

"I'm ready, " said Linda Grant of Indianapolis. "I feel good today so I'm going for it."

Your odds of hitting the jackpot are tiny, just one in 175 million, but there are just as many reasons for giving it a shot.

"Today is my wife's 40th birthday," said Peter Charles of Westfield. "I'm going to play tonight because I think it'd be exciting if she won"

"I'd wanted to buy a ticket here for a long time," Grant said. "There's just something about this store, so I turned around and came back to get my tickets."

The store Grant wanted to buy her ticket from was the Phillips 66 on North Michigan Road in Zionsville. It's also the store that happens to have sold the most Powerball tickets in the entire state this year, including two $40 thousand winners in the past month.

"Luck is the strategy," Charles said.

Indiana has proven to be a pretty lucky state to buy a ticket. Its 38 jackpot winners is more than any other state.

"I go with my instincts. That's what I usually go with," Grant said. "I won a house in a drawing where I used to work, so it was very nice of course."

The price to play the Powerball has doubled this year. It will now cost you $2 per pick.

You can get a free ticket for the jackpot beginning at 6:00 a.m. Wednesday. The tickets are available to the first 500 people to arrive at the Village Pantry located at the intersection of 106th and Michigan Rd in Zionsville.

"I'm usually here at about 6:00 in the morning anyway getting coffee so I'll probably get one," said Bill Runyon, who already made a big purchase Tuesday night. "I got about $120 worth of Powerball tickets, bought them for work. Everybody pitched in and we're going to win the thing."

Even if you don't win the jackpot, you should check your ticket for matching numbers. During the last drawing on Saturday there were 56,000 winning tickets in Indiana which matched at least some of the numbers.