Fungal meningitis cases up to eight in Indiana

By News Staff


11:36 AM CDT, October 7, 2012


The Indiana State Department of Health says the number of fungal meningitis cases is now eight in Indiana.  Three new cases have been reported since yesterday.

 A Health Department spokesman says they aren’t yet releasing which counties the three new cases are in.

 “It’s important to note that there are no deaths in Indiana at this point that are related to fungal meningitis,” said spokesman Ken Severson.

The Centers for Disease Controls reports dozens of cases around the country.  So far seven patients have died in the U.S.

 The cases were found to be linked to steroid shots contaminated with fungus at a Massachusetts specialty pharmacy.  That location has been voluntarily shot down.

 Those shots were sent to 75 clinics in 23 states, including Indiana.  Healthcare providers are now trying to contact everyone who received the shots.