Family says Warren Central teen committed suicide due to bullying

A freshman in high school has taken her own life. Her family says it was from bullying, but the school says that's not true.

Marisela Burgos

6:31 PM CST, January 27, 2012



A vigil will be held Friday for 15-year-old My'ell Nash.  Her family said she took her life after being a victim of bullying at school.

The vigil will be held in front of My'ell Nash's home on Andy Drive in the east side. The Nash family said they want to bring awareness to bullying, happening at schools.  The Nash family said My'ell Nash was bullied throughout the semester at Warren High School.  She was a freshman. 

My'ell's mother, La'Tricia Nash, said at one time, her daughter was pushed down steps at school.  She said they are grieving and that it should not have come to this.  She said her daughter took her life inside her home Jan. 21.

"This could've been avoided had they took a little time to call me back and to arrange some meetings," La'Tricia Nash said.

"I can't explain how something like this, it was devastating to me when I got the call that it happened because she was such a lovely young lady," Godmother Helen Starks said.  "Somewhere down the line, something wasn't done or something did not get caught, something didn't happen to the point she broke and said 'I can't take it anymore.'"

"It was known something was wrong.  It was expressed over and over again," Starks continued. "Everybody is examining themselves to say, what could I have done  Should I have said more to her."

Fox59 contacted Warren Township.  The school system issued the following statement:

"First and foremost our sincere condolences go out to the family of My’ell Nash, one of our freshmen students at Warren Central High School. We are all saddened when we lose one of our young people.

"After a careful and thorough investigation into the allegations of bullying presented to us by My’ell’s family following this tragedy, we have found no evidence pointing to My’ell, her mother or friends at school, communicating any bullying incidents regarding My’ell to Warren Township staff. Our records do confirm multiple contacts with My’ell and her mother with school personnel, however the topic of My”ell being bullied was never mentioned during these discussions. As with any student, had bullying or hazing been reported we would have responded accordingly.

"Warren Central does not tolerate bullying or hazing and will meet any such behavior with the applicable discipline. We have conducted workshops for teachers, produced television programs around the issue of bullying and recently held our “Take A Stand” anti-bullying and hazing workshop on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. These school-sponsored events were presented to set a standard of expected behavior among our students and to empower them to join with faculty and staff to be vigilant and vocal against both bullying and hazing on our campus.

"Without question, when we find evidence of a student being subjected to bullying or hazing our administrators and teachers are expected to act swiftly to mitigate the situation. As a school, we will continue to enact measures and sponsor programs to ensure a safe and secure learning environment for each and every one of our students," Director of Media and Community Relations, Dennis Jarrett said.