Mega Millions Mess At MD McDonald's: Alleged Work-Pool Winner Won't Share


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8:18 PM CDT, April 2, 2012



Workers at a McDonald's in Baltimore have plenty to beef about. They claim a co-worker has taken off with one of the three winning tickets, that was part of a pool, in last week's Mega Millions lottery.

Mirlande Wilson has boasted to a newspaper that she bought the ticket on her own, apart from the pool.

Carole Everett of the Maryland Lottery said, "Nobody's come through the door yet." Neither has anyone in Kansas and Illinois, the two other states that have produced instant millionaires.

Wilson has not been seen in several days. She didn't answer the door at her home and neighbors said she took off. Lottery officials are skeptical.

Maryland Lottery's Carole Everett maintained, "It doesn't sound like a typical jackpot winner to us. I don't put much stock in that story. She claims she won. She can't produce a ticket. In our opinion, until they walk in that door, hold that ticket, produce valid identification and our security people can process and validate it, it doesn't matter."

Lottery officials hope to resolve the issue at the 711 store where Wilson bought her ticket. Each ticket has a date and time stamp on it. Investigators will match that with surveillance video they believe recorded the transaction. If, in fact, Wilson stiffed her colleagues, it would not be the first time a co-worker has taken off without sharing the wealth with his lottery pool buddies.

Just weeks ago, a judge ordered Americo Lopes of New Jersey to share with five co-workers the 24 million dollars he tried to keep for himself.

Under Maryland lottery rules, winners can remain anonymous from the public.

But workers at that Baltimore McDonald's are hopeful their one-time colleague surfaces to share the wealth that would enable them to trade in the Big Macs for big bucks.