A resolution to the teachers’ contract talks wont’ happen tonight and isn’t likely Wednesday, teachers say.

Negotiations ended Tuesday night and will continue Wednesday causing a third day in the Chicago Teachers Union strike.

The biggest stumbling block remains teacher evaluations.  They are moving on the issue, but nowhere near as quickly as they'd like.

"There has been centimeters, and we are still kilometers apart,” said teachers union president Karen Lewis.

School board president David Vitale ducked away from reporters Tuesday after expressing optimism yesterday.

CTU members, joined by other labor groups, rallied outside the Board of Education Tuesday afternoon.

While the city says this is really about a new teacher evaluation system and the ability of principals to hire the people they want, teachers say, at its core, this is a strike for job security.."

"We want an evaluation system that actually gives us the opportunity to develop and grow as teachers,” Lewis said. “That is extremely important to us. So I want to make sure that everybody understands that. But this system is not the one."

Mayor Rahm Emanuel was joined by principals at the south side's Tarkington School of Excellence Tuesday.

"As (principal) Dr Hines said to me yesterday, as a principal who is out on the school board, if you select the teachers for me, here's the keys to the office, you run it."