What is it like to be ridiculously talented?


Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  … I think talent, and I’m not just saying this, is about putting the work in. So I think there are a lot of people that are [ridiculously] talented. And I mean that. I’ve met a lot of actors and writers who I think are loaded up with talent. And then there’s the people that [never] put a lot of the work in. That separates I think. So I think there’s been times when I’ve put the work in, and that’s when it’s paid off and I think I’ve made the most out of whatever talent I have. And then there’s some times when I haven’t and I’m just one of the guys. It’s amazing how equal everyone becomes when you haven’t put the work in.


For example?


Well again, it’s on the day. It’s not the whole film. ‘Cause then you’d just be everyday showing up like a f***ing asshole.


“He’s hungover again.”


Yeah. You have days where you’re like, “God, I didn’t do what I should have done here.” And you’re pretty average.


Philip Seymour Hoffman personality test:

On his iPod now: “I don’t have one with me. I have an iPod at home and it’s kind of an iPod for the family and there’s tons of music on that and there’s nothing specific we’re listening to at the moment. I know that’s very un-2010.”

Drink of choice: Iced lattes

Chicago in five words or less: “I don’t know if I can do it in five words or less. It’s kind of every time I’m here, it’s so powerful and so beautiful when you’re here. I’m always reminded not only that it’s this beautiful city; there’s a power to it. Just aesthetically. It’s utterly unique that way. How San Francisco is, in a totally different way. Or New York is, in a totally different way. It is its own. But there’s a power to it.”

What he’d want to do with unlimited time here: “I’d probably want to do what I’d want to do in any city to be quite honest. I’d want to take in what the city has to offer. And Chicago has a lot to offer in the way of art, in the way of theater and sports. Which are like my three things. That’s why I like this town, so if I had unlimited time and I had nothing to do, it’s like, “Well, let’s go. I want to go look at some art, I want to go to the theater, I want to see whatever team’s playing.” But that’s really in any city I think I would feel that way. I would be like, ‘Here I am, let’s do it.’ But then you have that time and you don’t do that stuff.”


Word association

Paul Thomas Anderson: Friend

Truman Capote: Impossible

Tom Cruise: Loyal

Spike Lee: Genius

Todd Solondz: Uncompromising

Joel and Ethan Coen: Fun

Charlie Kaufman: Grateful