You didn’t feel any anger towards you for putting ketchup on?


No, I think I put ketchup on in hiding. Back in my room or something.


How challenging was it to direct an actor like Philip Seymour Hoffman in “Jack Goes Boating”?


[Laughs] He’s a nightmare that guy. Directing yourself isn’t an easy task. I really wouldn’t want to do it again. I guess never say never but … It’s very enjoyable, directing. I think in a certain sense I was very spoiled by the people I had around me. But I really enjoyed the process of directing the film. When I had to act it took away from the enjoyment of having to direct. That’s a whole other ball of wax. You have to stop being a director. You stop thinking that way and you have to start thinking another way. It’s very different. I’d love the opportunity to direct a film where I didn’t have to worry about that.


Jack can’t swim. What’s something many people can do that was never easy for you?


There’s things I never really learned how to do. I never learned how to ice skate, which is crazy ‘cause I grew up in Rochester, New York, which winters are huge there. I remember skating a little bit as a kid but I never really did learn. I never really did learn how to ski. I learned how to snowboard later in life, but I never really learned how to ski.


If we went ice-skating right now, what would it be like?


I’d probably be stumbling around. I remember it was all about the ankles and wobbling and stuff. I learned how to swim at a very young age; I was on the swim team when I was a kid. I was a lifeguard at one point. Swimming’s like essential when you’re on a planet that’s mostly water. You know what I mean? I remember [to] my mom it was a big deal that we learn how to swim at a very young age. There’s something unique to swimming, that somebody who didn’t learn how to swim [is] a very specific person. Because that is something that most people try and learn how to do at least basically.


But when climate change turns all the water into ice, everyone will need to know how to ice skate too.


[Laughs] But you can kind of slide across on your shoes. But if you fall in the water …