Hippie vacay with Shailene Woodley anyone?

Who wants to go on a hippie vacay with Shailene Woodley?

By Dana Moran, @danamoran


9:18 PM CDT, April 24, 2014


Sometimes we imagine that Shailene Woodley sits around smoking hookah and thinking about crazy things to say to reporters. Example: Her recent interview with Natural Health magazine, which, to be honest, we didn't even know existed. (Sorry, our health is pretty unnatural.) The "Divergent" star told the mag she finds herself "being the girl at a hippie festival in the middle of the forest with war paint on my face, dancing around with hairy armpits." So ... Bonnaroo? Probably something less mainstream. So if, like us, you're tired after a long, crappy winter and ready to let your freak out, here's what you should pack for a hippie fest trip with Shailene.