Oscar loser gift bag is worth $80,000: What's in it?

By Mick Swasko, @swasko


11:37 AM CST, February 19, 2014


Losing at the Oscars kind of sucks, but at least the snubbed get a robotic hair transplant as a consolation prize. 

Yep, that's just one bizzare item in the gift bag that will be presented to losers of the best actor/actress, best supporting actor/actress and best director categories, curated by Los Angeles-based marketing firm Distinctive Assets. 

Previously, the loser bags have been given to Ron Howard, Meryl Streep and Hugh Jackman, and this year, the "everybody wins" basket is valued at more than $80,000. As a press release notes, Distinctive Assets has no affiliation with the Academy Awards themselves, but it apparently isn't going to stop them from giving the overstuffed bags to disappointed nominees. 

Here's what's inside. Products listed next to bullets, commentary in parenthesis. 

 Congratulations, those to whom the Oscars will not go.

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