Chicago surpasses 350 homicides for 2012

Chicago this weekend surpassed 50 homicides for the month and 350 homicides for the year, according to a RedEye analysis of preliminary police data.

Nine homicides were logged in Chicago from Friday through Sunday, including a double homicide in Chatham on Saturday, RedEye data shows. The city has recorded 356 homicides so far this year, 29 percent more homicides than were logged at the same time last year.

The city reached the 350-homicide mark last year on Oct. 23, RedEye data shows.

Fifty-one homicides have been recorded citywide this month. Two months this year have seen 50 or more homicides: March, which saw 50, and May, which saw 51. One month last year saw more than 50 homicides: July 2011, which saw 55 homicides.

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