“There’s a plastic guard that goes over the knee joint that protects it from getting broken,” he said. “That’s the only hardware that I’m OK with drilling into. I don’t want to drill into any actual components and screw everything up. It’s just a plastic guard.”

It’s an idea that was born when he was on vacation with his dad.

The two had just plopped down on the couch with a beer as they had done countless times before when they realized they had a major problem.

“We both grabbed a beer and sat down on the couch and then we were like ‘Oh, we forgot to open it. Now we’ve got to get up to open it. Are you kidding me? That’s horrible,’ ” Kane recalls.

This time, dear old dad had an epiphany.

“He was like ‘We should just bolt one on there.’ ”

His doctor is reportedly fine with him having bolted a bottle opener onto the side of his prosthetic leg. Kane said having it there has saved him a ton of time over the years in addition to helping him out at his job.

“Tips definitely seem to skyrocket when I let them open the bottle of beer on my leg,” he said.

“It’s quite shocking at first because you don’t know how to take it,” Guerra added. “With someone that’s confident within himself, it makes it a lot easier to enjoy moments like that.”

Of course, the bottle opener attached to his main prosthetic leg isn’t the only homemade creation Kane has in his collection designed to make drinking both easier and more fun.

“I also have a pegleg--a pirate’s pegleg for Halloween when I want to dress up as a pirate,” he said. “I built myself a pegleg, and I attached a road beer holster on the side of it and lined it with koozie foam and everything. It’s pretty badass.”

So would he recommend other amputees follow his lead and modify their prosthetics in the name of having a good time?

“I’d say go for it,” Kane said. “Work like a captain, drink like a sailor, party like a pirate.”

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