Disney finally admits Magic Kingdom better than other parks

Orlando Sentinel's Beth Kassab talks with FOX35 about rising Disney prices.

Disney finally admitted the Magic Kingdom is better than its other theme parks.

Everybody knew it.

It's just one of those things I didn't expect to hear from Disney.

Kind of like how Dwight Howard will never confess that leaving Orlando was a mistake. And Bush 41 will never concede that Jeb is the smarter son.

This kind of brutal honesty from Disney could become a bit jarring.

What's next?

Will they acknowledge that Tomorrowland is more outdated than 8-track tapes?

Of course not.

But Disney has admitted that it has a favorite child. It's all out in the open now that the company began this month charging a $5 premium on single-day Magic Kingdom tickets.

Now it costs $95 to get into the Magic Kingdom ... make that $101 with tax.

Disney is not only pricing the Magic Kingdom higher than its other three parks for the first time, it also broke the triple-digit threshold — the theme park equivalent of the sound barrier.

For decades, the company kept up the all-of-our-children-are-equal fantasy and charged the same admission price at all four gates.

This tactic was designed to make families think they were getting the same value at all the parks.

But the Magic Kingdom was always the draw.

An estimated 17.5 million people flocked in 2012 to Orlando's original Disney park.

Epcot drew 11.1 million, while Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios tied at about 10 million each.

There's a reason for the wide gaps.

The Magic Kingdom is the Paul McCartney of theme parks.

A perfect mix of nostalgia and new stuff. It can bring in Baby Boomers, their kids and their kids' kids.

The Magic Kingdom has a charm that isn't replicated in the other parks.