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MTV drama-series shooting in Chicago

Some Chicago residents should expect disruptions in the coming weeks as MTV shoots a new scripted dramatic series, titled 'Underemployed', throughout the city.

In a slight departure from the network's usual reality series, the Chicago-based show will be shot in various Chicago locations through Aug. 10, according to the Chicago Film Office.

Most recently, shooting took place in Wicker Park, but has since wrapped up. Other neighborhoods that have served as location, and will probably be revisited in addition to new areas, include Hyde Park, Lincoln Park, River North and the downtown area.

Rick Moskal, director of the Chicago Film Office, said residents have been told in advance about the production but hopes to balance the needs of the production with the concerns of the community.

"Film production, whether it's MTV's 'Underemployed' or 'Boss,' all come with a number of production vehicles, trucks, crew and equipment," Moskal said. "That's the normal course, so there is a disruptive element. But residents have been given notice in order to mitigate any disruptions."

Despite the disadvantages, there are some benefits of the city being used as the backdrop for a television series or film.

"The film industry brings economic development and benefits of all kind to the city, and also has a component that may cause disruptions, but is a required daily routine for operation," Moskal said.

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