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Meow University seeks to sexually educate

After attending a sex toy party hosted by a Woodlawn boutique, Katina Leaks, 35, of Pullman realized she was a little sexually stumped.

"I had no idea what any of that stuff was for," she said. "Toy parties tend to be things you just do for the giggles at bachelorette parties, but I wanted to know where you go when you have real questions, relationship issues and curiosities."

Searching the South Side for her sex solutions, Leaks was disappointed to find that there weren't many opportunities to learn about the type of intimate techniques she was looking for. Interested in the more deviant side of sex, she decided to take matters into her own hands  and planned, booked and marketed a course all about the art of oral sex

"The first class was a fellatio class, and I met other wonderful women that were just as curious as I was," Leaks said. "Some of them were even more clueless about sex than me."

With high attendance and success, the ladies were left wondering what would be next. This prompted Leaks to dedicate her time to planning monthly classes that took on the name The Meow University.

Since Leaks does not host the classes specifically for the boutique where it all began, the classes are offered wherever she can find space on the South Side and include field trips to various erotic businesses around the city. She hopes to have her own space in the next few years to further aid women and couples with their relationship and sexual needs.

Leaks wants her courses to teach women that "positive attitudes about sex leads to better sex, self-esteem and relationships."

Upcoming events:

  • Aug. 26: Tease 101 at Good Gyrrl Studio, 1200 W. 35th St.
  • Sept. 23: Erotic Poetry Show with La Erotica Poet
  • October: Communicating Your Sexual Needs with award-winning erotic romance author K.D. King
  • December: BDSM 269 with Mistress Crimson (Part 2 to BDSM 101)
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