Now that's a pot shot. 

The Second City Network continued Wednesday it's string of spot-on shorts about Chicago's winter with a video thanking Mayor Rahm Emanuel for the city's potholes. 

Who would do such a thing? Tire sale and repair company PepBoys, with actors dressed as employees vigorously thanking the mayor. 

"We here at Pep Boys know that Rahm Emanuel is doing everything in his power to keep potholes on every residential and commercial street all across the city of Chicago," a faux-Pep Boys employee states. 

The Second City video also impressively doles out accurate stats on the pothole problem, including stating that more than 47,000 complaints have been lodged so far this year. For that, the parody thanks the mayor -- and the concrete craters -- for being job creators. 

Despite all the thanks, the video concludes with the most direct pot shot at Emanuel of all: "When it comes to holes, you're an A!," another Pep Boys tech says. 

Previously, the Second City Network has taken on reviews of warm weather destinations read by frozen Chicagoans, as well as a parody video of the viral "First Kiss" ad. 

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