Legs for days, weeks, months, years


For RedEye

6:41 PM CDT, March 27, 2014


Full disclosure: We originally began this project back in mid-January. Normally, it's reasonably warm enough during Chicago winters to strut out every so often in a pair of tights.

Enter the winter of 2014.

Now that spring finally has semi-sprung -- and by that we mean it's above freezing -- it's time to debut our official test of the latest tights on the market. Treat your legs to a new outfit -- surely your old tights are ripped and holey by now.

Spanx Patterned Tight-End Tights Peek-a-Boo

($32 suggested retail)

--Kristin Samuelson


Topshop black tights


--Leonor Vivanico

Topshop Charcoal pointelle wool tights

($20, on sale for $10)

--Kate Bernot


Star Power by Spanx Center-Stage Heathered shaping tights

($28 suggested retail)

--Dana Moran

Star Power by Spanx Center Stage shaping tights

($24 suggested retail, not pictured above)

--Rachel Cromidas

Perfectly Opaque Tights by Commando

($40 suggested retail)


Walgreens West Loop Fashion Tights Diamond Control Top

(Price varies by location, not pictured above)

--Aly Morris