I was going to send in my "Real World" audition tape, but then I got high. 

Is the above statement you? You're in luck! "The High Life," the "first ever reality show set on a pot farm in Colorado," is looking for cast members, according to a press release from ShaggyCasting

The company is seeking 10 men and women to be filmed living on a marijuana farm in weed-legal Colorado. 

"Are you a free spirit who will do anything once? On the run from a life buried in boring summer jobs? Whether you’re a party animal or activist, dare devil or total princess, burnout or adrenaline junkie, we’re looking for you!," reads the description, which gives little more details than that. 

Those 21 and older are asked to apply by e-mail with their name, photo, phone number and short bio to HighLifeCAST@gmail.com. 

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