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More than 200 dibs complaints in the first week of January

In the winter, Chicagoans complain about the slippery sidewalks, the snow plows not moving fast enough and freezing cold subzero temperatures.

And of course, they complain about dibs.

Some drivers believe that parking spot is theirs because they dug their car out of the snow--so don't even think about moving the junk that is guarding it. Others refuse to abide by the dibs tradition.

And then there are neighbors who complain about the chairs, cones and crates that clutter the street in front of their homes. So much so they'll even contact the city about it.

Residents logged more than 200 complaints to the city's 311 service for the first week of January, according to city data provided as a response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

Besides the typical buckets, brooms and boxes, residents reported wood, trash cans, tires, water jugs and baby furniture reserving parking spots.

Meanwhile, others got a little more creative with space savers using strollers, a portable basketball hoop, vacuum cleaners and even air conditioners.

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