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MetroMile to pay street sweeping tickets on Mag Mile April 23

A San Francisco-based company has a couple of ways it hopes to make street-sweeping tickets disappear in Chicago.

MetroMile, a vehicle data and diagnostics app that describes it's technology as "FitBit for your car," is offering one fool-proof way of making citations vanish. Starting noon Wednesday, April 23, the company will straight up pay $60 cash to the first 100 people who show up with an unpaid street-sweeping ticket at the plaza outside 435 N. Michigan Ave., no strings attached.

The company will also have information on hand about their MetroMile app and the free "Metronome" device at the event. 

When paired, the Metronome device -- which plugs into a vehicle's diagnostic slot -- and MetroMile app can analyze users' driving habits and suggest more efficient routes, give an estimate of gas cost per trip and diagnose engine problems. Because of the GPS features, users can also locate their car if they’ve forgotten where it is parked. MetroMile also offers “pay-per-mile” car insurance, which it claims is a cheaper alternative for urban drivers who drive less than 10,000 miles per year.

Wednesday's event celebrates the launch of MetroMile’s second line of defense against the dreaded street sweeping citation. The feature sends reminders to Chicago users' phones 12 hours and 1 hour before street sweeping is set to begin wherever they are parked. The feature becomes live today.

The event is also partnering with Mike Brockway, Chicago’s “Ticket Geek” and author of The Expired Meter blog.

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