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Man accused of setting off sprinklers, flooding jail cell

Suspected of damaging his mother's car and threatening a family member, a Chicago man landed himself in bigger trouble behind bars, authorities say, after triggering the fire sprinkler at a South Side police station over the weekend.

On Sunday night, Lamar Barnes, 23, of the 9200 block of South Ada Street, allegedly stripped all of his clothes off — including his "Rage Against the Machine" T-shirt — and set off the fire sprinkler system, flooding the cell where he was being held in at the Morgan Park Police Station, 1900 W. Monterey Ave.

Barnes had been brought to the station after he was arrested at his home. Police had been summoned to the residence after Barnes allegedly threatened a relative and damaged his mother's car. Police officers struggled with Barnes as they took him into custody — at one point using pepper spray. He was taken to the police station, at one point refusing medical treatment, where he was put in a cell.

Although he was charged with several misdemeanors after his initial arrest — including assault, resisting arrest and criminal damage to property — he's now facing a felony damage to government property in connection with the sprinkler incident, which caused more than $500 damage to the station house.

On Monday afternoon, Barnes made his first court appearance and Cook County Court Judge Adam D. Bourgeois Jr. set bond at $75,000.

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