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Photo of Lake Shore Drive Segway rider is worth a thousand words

This is a Segway about to try LSD. 

Posted to Reddit, a photo of a Segway rider casually talking on his cell phone approaching Lake Shore Drive hadn't seen the digital light of day until Thursday. But Tim Rodriguez, of Streeterville, who was fresh off a trip to Austin for South by Southwest, had his girlfriend, Brie Back, dig it up. 

"We recently went to South by Southwest and there was a popular meme everywhere of oblivious tech guy on a Segway," he said. "I couldn't (resist) posting it (to Reddit)." 

The story behind the photo? 

"We were at Local Root in Streeterville and it was a cloudy June day at around 2:00 in the afternoon," Rodriguez stated in an email. "She left for home after we had a bite and pulled out onto Lake Shore Drive from Wacker Drive. As she merged she was astonished to see a man on a Segway and on his phone no less. She was so taken aback she had to take a picture. She sent it to me back (then) and we had a good laugh, but we forgot about it until the other day."

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