Hot or Not.

Hot or Not. (June 18, 2014)

Remember Hot or Not? Of course you do.

When the site launched 10 years ago, it allowed users to click endlessly on photos of strangers and rate them between 1 and 10 on the "hot" scale. The brave and the vain could also upload their own photos to be meticulously judged for their personal appearances by the internet. 

Yesterday, however, the site announced it is relaunching as a dating app, because that's the hip thing to do nowadays. 

Seriously, though, Hot or Not announced several new features for its mobile app, which already has 10 million users in North America, according to the press release. From the sound of it, things might get interesting.

The new app—unlike, say, Tinder—will track and rank the ratings of all users. It will then compile a "hot list" of people based on attractiveness, allowing users to see the "hottest" users around them. Basically, it's a local leaderboard of the most attractive users in a certain area. Or, to put it another way, Tinder with a scoreboard. If two users rate each other "hot," they'll be able to send messages to one another. 

The app also will allow users to rank celebrities on their current "hotness" and display a leaderboard as well. 

There's still no word on if Internet relic "" plans a dating app. 

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