Money (Yuji Sakai / Getty Images / June 12, 2014)

Attention, local treasure-hunters: You have until Sunday to prepare yourselves for @hiddencash’s Chicago money drop.

One of the founders of the California-based Twitter phenomenon has said that on Sunday, $2,000 in cash will be distributed among about 20 envelopes and hidden in a yet-to-be-named Chicago park.

“People were just, like, from the get-go, ‘oh, this is cool, do this in my town,’ ” said Jason Buzi, a 43-year-old real estate investor in the San Francisco area. “I started reaching out, you know, where do we have friends that can help us? … Of course we wanted to do Chicago, and we had some contacts there.”

The @hiddencash Twitter account tweets hints to its more than 531,000 followers about where envelopes full of money are cached. The experiment started in the San Francisco area, then spread to Los Angeles. Over the next few days, @hiddencash will be hiding money in Las Vegas, New York, Houston and Mexico City in addition to Chicago--and, after that, in three European cities.

“We’re just trying to spread it around and see how people react in different places,” Buzi said.

Buzi said he is not affiliated with any local hidden cash Twitter copycats, such as @hiddencashchi or @hiddencashchi1.

“If they’re doing it for the right reasons, then we support them,” he said. “We’re the original and our only format is the twitter handle, @hiddencash, and the email that’s affiliated with that.”

Buzi wants to keep his social experiment going, in some form or another.

“We can sustain it, in some sense, forever,” he said. “What’s it going to look like six months from now, two years from now? Is it going to be like hiding cash in five cities in one weekend? Probably not, it will look a little different. … We want to sustain it perpetually in some format.”

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