We can’t even.

Here’s the story. Basically, one of us didn’t have the RedEye Chicago YouTube channel bookmarked. Apparently that was a mistake. Above is one of the first results of a Google search for “redeye chicago youtube.”

We really can’t even.

Look, we have a lot of videos on our YouTube channel. No, really, we have like hundreds of videos on our YouTube channel that our video editor Sean Ely is responsible for. But this video, titled simply “Red Eye Chicago” is just … Something. Something that apparently has better SEO value than stuff we’ve done ourselves.

Something we still can’t even. At all.

We’ll be reaching out to Conner O'Malley and Mark Colomb, the pair of interesting individuals who have singlehandedly redefined the definition of “honor box” (the official name of free newspaper stands) at what appears to be the corner of Lincoln Avenue and George Street around this time last year.

Until then maybe don’t get a paper from this box.

Can't. Even.

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