Still from video of the "Curbee" footrest by Steven Vance.

Still from video of the "Curbee" footrest by Steven Vance. (July 2, 2014)

That structure you may have seen jutting from the curb at the southeast corner of Milwaukee and Ogden avenues this week? That's the city's first bicycle footrest and handrail.

Created by Steven Vance, an editor of the transportation website Streetsblog Chicago, and Ryan Lakes, a cyclists on the board of West Town Bikes, the footrest—dubbed "the Curbee"—is modeled after footrests for cyclists commonly seen in Copenhagen.

Vance's and Lake's footrest and handrail, which has been in the works for over a year, is located on the path of the northbound Milwaukee Avenue bike lane. To use it, cyclists yielding to the red light at that intersection can pull up to the curb beneath the bar and rest their right foot and hand on it.

Streetsblog Chicago featured the Curbee in a blog post Friday, and detailed the trials Vance and Lakes faced while acquiring the city's permission to install it, including a Divvy ride Ald. Walter Burnett (27th) took to try out the Curbee.

"The alderman was sold on the idea that the Curbee would encourage cyclists to wait for the green at Milwaukee/Ogden, where it’s tempting to disregard the stoplight, because there are several different signal phases," the post said.

Here's a video Vance produced, demo-ing the new rail:


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