4th of July

Fireworks light the sky during a 4th of July fireworks celebration at Arlington Park race track. (Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune / July 3, 2010)

Planning on setting off a few fireworks tomorrow?

The city's fire and police officials want you to know that it's still not legal. The departments sent out a press release Thursday afternoon detailing the law: Fireworks are not permitted in the city unless they're being used by trained people with special display permits.

Even sparklers and bottle rockets are illegal, the release said.

Other celebratory Independence Day activities that are definitely also still illegal: drinking in the parks, setting cooking fires outside of designated park areas and discharging a firearm in the air.

The release also said hundreds more police officers will be on the streets this year, and in parks, Chicago Housing Authority developments and CTA stations to strengthen public safety during the holiday weekend and throughout the summer.


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