Words don’t express emotions quite like emojis. Cat emoji Happy emoji Poop emoji

And now texters can rejoice. On Monday, the Unicode Consortium announced an emoji update that includes about 250 new icons, including odd additions, like mantlepiece clock and levitating businessman, to its library.

Still, not everyone is pleased. Many are calling for more multicultural representation, additional food items and even local emojis to depict their everyday lives.

Laura Ustick of Superdawg Drive-In, for example, created a change.org petition to include a hot dog. Despite her 350 signatures, she didn’t get her wish with the newest release. No food items, save for a hot pepper, were added as options.

Like Ustick and her icon proposal, Chicagoans have few options to describe anything local. To help out, RedEye has a few emoji suggestions for the Unicode Consortium:

Emoji Keyboard Emoji Keyboard 2

MJ emoji

Michael Jordan statue

The Jordan statue is universal code for the United Center and encapsulates just how nuts the city is about its sports.

Wrigley emoji

Wrigley marquee

As it stands, you actually have to type six letters to let your friends know you’re out for the day in Wrigleyville. Give us this, and we’ll just need a single tap.

Cloud Gate emoji

The Bean (Cloud Gate)

Sure, it might be tricky to get the symbol to look like anything but a white jelly bean. But if emojis are meant to be widely recognized, the Bean is one of Chicago’s best offerings.

Chicago flag emoji

Chicago flag

No explanation needed. We <3 our city.

Billy Goat emoji

The Billy Goat Tavern

Both the symbol for the Cubs woes and the iconic subterranean bar, The Billy Goat got its own SNL skit. Why not some emoji love?

Angry Rahm emoji Sad Rahm emoji

Rahm faces

Think of the possibilities. Friend gets a red-light ticket? Rahm face. Potholes everywhere? Rahm face. Trump Tower gets a new sign? Rahm crying face.

Street sweeping emoji

Street sweeping sign

One for every day of the week. Reminding roommates and significant others to move the damn car just got so much easier.

Malort emoji Malort emoji

Jeppson’s Malort

It’s already considered a Chicago rite of passage. Added benefit: It would make a great symbol to represent a hangover.

Street signs emoji

Street signs

Daylong shopping adventure? Meet me at Michigan Avenue. Going to Water Tower Place? Hop on Chicago Avenue.

Parking ticket emoji

Orange parking ticket

It’s more than likely that this emoji would be used to express extreme fear, anger or anxiety.

Big Star emoji

Big Star Star

There’s no taco emoji, so why not add the beacon that calls Wicker Park foodies to them?