Starting today, Wacker Drive will be closed at the intersections of Monroe and Adams streets until next summer as the next phase of the $300 million construction project gets underway.

The closing of the Wacker-Monroe and Wacker-Adams intersections means 60,000 vehicles that use Upper and Lower Wacker each day will be detoured.

Also affected are riders of CTA buses in the downtown area. The CTA is advising its customers to allow extra travel time along the affected routes.

But there is good news. Madison Street between Canal and Franklin will reopen today.

Other related street impacts:
  • Monroe and Adams will be closed across Wacker.
  • Madison will reopen between Canal and Franklin.
  • Franklin will continue to be a two-way street.
  • Southbound access from Lower Wacker to Upper Wacker via Randolph will continue to be closed to all traffic.
  • Access to/from Congress will continue to be closed to traffic from Wacker.
Affected bus service:
The following 19 CTA bus routes will have routing and/or bus stop changes Downtown:
  • #1 Indiana/Hyde Park
  • #7 Harrison
  • #14 Jeffery Express (partial restoration)
  • #19 United Center Express**
  • #20 Madison**
  • #X28 Stony Island Express
  • #56 Milwaukee**
  • #121 Union/Wacker Express (partial restoration)
  • #122 Illinois Center/Ogilvie Express**
  • #123 Illinois Center/Union Express (partial restoration)
  • #124 Navy Pier (partial restoration)
  • #126 Jackson
  • #129 West Loop/South Loop (PM Only)
  • #130 Museum Campus*
  • #134 Stockton/LaSalle Express
  • #135 Clarendon/LaSalle Express
  • #136 Sheridan/LaSalle Express
  • #151 Sheridan
  • #156 LaSalle
  • The #130 Museum Campus route does not operate during winter, but changes will be effective when service resumes Memorial Day Weekend.
  • The #19, #20, #56, and #122 buses will resume their normal routes that were in effect prior to January 2011.

Three additional routes -- the #60 Blue Island/26th, #120 Ogilvie/Wacker Express, and #157 Streeterville/Taylor -- are rerouted, but will maintain the routings they used during Stage 2.
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