SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- Doctor's treating a boy with severe sinus problems made a bizarre discovery.

After years of suffering from a variety of sinus issues, an observant doctor noticed something strange in 6-year old Isaak Lasson's nose.

Isaak seemed to have a foreign body up his nose, according to Utah's

"I put some spaghetti up there, but that was a long time ago," Isaak told the doctor.

It turned out to be a ball of fungus encasing a flexible LEGO tire.

"We think he bent it in half -- it's pretty flexible -- and that it opened up once it got into his sinuses," Isaak's father told reporters.

Craig Lasson said since the LOGO was removed, Isaak's appetite is better, he has more energy and is sleeping soundly.

"It's just one of those weird things," Lasson told reporters.