How much do CTA employees get paid?

By Tracy Swartz | @tracyswartz

The CTA this month posted a list of its employees and their annual or hourly salaries on its website,

CTA managers started receiving raises two years ago after going four years without salary bumps. The increases, about 2.5 percent annually until 2015, mirror the raises provided to union workers in the most recent contract, CTA spokeswoman Tammy Chase said.

The CTA in 2011 cut 54 jobs, including 26 manager-level positions.

The April salary list shows that Chief Internal Auditor Andrell Holloway became the fifth-highest paid CTA employee after receiving a $23,000 raise late last year. Holloway took on some additional duties, including operational audits, performance monitoring and quality-assurance responsibilities, the CTA said.

Correction: Originally posted early Tuesday, this graphic misrepresented a comparison. In fact, the 1.43 percent of CTA employees whose salaries are at least $100,000 accounts for 1.2 percent of the CTA’s total operating budget. It has been updated to reflect this.

Graphic by Aly Morris

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