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CTA on watery bus: There was a lot of rain this morning

Riders on a No. 82-Kimball/Homan bus this morning encountered an unexpected, unpaid intruder: Water.

The intruder rushed onto the bus somewhere near Belmont Avenue and took up space on the floor, annoying fellow riders.

"HELLLLLLLLP!!!! THE BUS IS FLOODING," wrote one rider on Twitter.

"YIIIKKEESS," commented another.

Although it was deemed "insane" by one Twitter user, the intruder did not cause any damage or injuries to fellow passengers, the CTA said.

After a request from Going Public to comment on the incident, CTA spokeswoman Tammy Chase said, "Bus is about 14 inches from the ground. It went through a pretty good puddle of water from the looks of it."

Said Chase: "As you know, there was a lot of rain this morning."

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