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New Ventra glitch emerges with pretax program

A new Ventra problem emerged Thursday in connection with the commuter benefits program, which offers tax advantages to employers and their employees to pay for transit fares using pretax income. Employees who formerly had their pretax money loaded onto Chicago Cards are now being transitioned to Ventra cards.

But Thursday’s debut of the Ventra commuter benefits website included instances of employees being associated with the wrong employers, several company administrators told the Tribune.

“I kept clicking and finally got my company,’’ an administrator for a Chicago-based software company emailed to the Tribune. “But how is company information being safeguarded? If I can see someone else’s information, then other administrators can see mine?”

CTA spokeswoman Tammy Chase confirmed that the transit agency received calls from “a few employers’’ on the issue. A preliminary analysis indicates that no employer or employee information was compromised, she said.

But asked specifically by the Tribune whether employees’ Social Security numbers and other private information was breached, Chase responded: “We contacted Cubic, because it is their website and they are in the process of resolving the issue.’’

Cubic Transportation Systems Inc., is the Ventra contractor. Cubic’s policy is to refer all media questions on Ventra to the CTA, Cubic spokeswoman Kim Gregory said.


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