Bears' offensive line passes big test


Grade: 6.5

Thirteen of Foster's runs (45 percent) were for 1 yard or less. That's a tribute to Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs and the defensive front.

But that defensive front was a little sloppy early in the game. The front was over-aggressive at times and lost contain on Foster a few times. On the Texans' first 18 handoffs, they gained 116 yards. On their last 15, they gained 11 yards.

Urlacher missed a couple of tackles, which he usually does not do. One of his best plays came in the third quarter when he tackled Foster after a 4-yard gain while he was falling backward trying to get away from guard Ben Jones.


Grade: 5

Major Wright was heavily involved in the run game as the Bears played a lot of eight in the box. Chris Conte missed a couple of open-field tackle attempts.


Grade: 9.5

Tim Jennings got his hands on 19 percent of Schaub's passes (5 of 26), and he intercepted two of them. He also forced a throwaway when he blitzed and pressured Schaub in the end zone.

Peanut was punchless, but Charles Tillman still played a fine game, limiting the dangerous Andre Johnson to an average of 3.8 yards for every pass thrown to him. Tillman prevented a touchdown on third-and-5 when he tackled Foster at the Bears' 2, forcing a field goal.

Special teams

Grade: 5

The best thing the Bears did on special teams was play Devin Hester, because the Texans were afraid to kick to him. That resulted in good field position.

Hester had a fine 24-yard punt return in the first quarter but got too fancy on two other punt returns.

Missing a 48-yard field goal in the wind, rain and mud is understandable. Robbie Gould deserves credit for nailing a 51-yarder.

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