Special teams key to Bears' blowout

Lance Louis had some excellent second-level blocks, showing athleticism, control and power. On Forte's 46-yard run, Louis wiped out safety Babineaux.


Grade: 7

Jay Cutler did not play as well as his 138.1 passer rating suggested, but he might have made his best pass of the season on his 39-yard touchdown to Brandon Marshall. He put perfect touch on the ball and delivered it to just the right spot in the end zone.

Cutler did a nice job of using his feet in this game. He avoided pressure, sometimes by taking off and sometimes with subtle movements. Cutler made the 5-yard touchdown to Marshall possible by sliding back about 4 yards to avoid the rush.

Running backs

Grade: 9

Matt Forte looks fresh eight games into the season. On his 47-yard screen reception, he avoided three tacklers before the third, Alterraun Verner, eventually brought him down.

On his 46-yard run, he took safety Michael Griffin for a 21-yard ride. The only way Griffin could get him down was with an illegal horse-collar tackle, for which the Bears were given another 15 yards.

In his junk-time role, Armando Allen hit the hole hard, got to the corner and finished runs. The Titans knew he was getting the ball every play and they still struggled to contain him. He needs to play some when it counts.

Wide receivers

Grade: 8.5

Brandon Marshall made the big plays again, but he did the little things too.

On Forte's 17-yard run, he held off both Babineaux and Colin McCarthy before McCarthy eventually made the tackle.

Marshall is so crafty as a receiver. He creates separation with subtle movements in his routes and cunning, slight push-offs. He seems to know just what he can get away with.

Tight ends

Grade: 4

Zero catches, but they get some credit for some of the run blocking.

Evan Rodriguez looked a little rusty in his first game since Oct. 1.


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